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  1. Program error on FMPC II

    IP on minilab LCD is: subnet: IP on FMPC is: subnet: Firewire connection status is CONNECTED. How do I disconnect it sir? Also if I ping minilab ip from FMPC computer it shows that connection is good.
  2. Program error on FMPC II

    Also if I clear program error message, I will get error no. W-2205 "As printer setup & maintenance is in progress, the printer maintenance not started"
  3. Program error on FMPC II

    When I restart the whole System I get error E-2314 "Updating backup in printer failed. Check parameter file?
  4. Program error on FMPC II

    Each time I try to access Printer Adjustment/Maintenance an Processor Adjustment/Maintenance MENUs I get error message I mentioned. Do you think it can be the cable?
  5. Program error on FMPC II

    Good day everyone I am Installing FE (S2) & FMPCII (S9) on Frontier 550. Installation was smooth on both computers. The problem comes when I try to test the system by printing condition setup. I get this error when trying to open paper condition setup page, " Program error - ExpBrows.exe has generated errors & will be closed by windows. You will need to restart the program. An error log is being generated. I have Reinstalled FMPCII (S9) software & I am still getting the same problem. May someone please help!!!
  6. LS-600

    Thank you sir can you PM me about the prices of all the software needed?
  7. LS-600

    Dear friends Is it possible to install LS-600 scanner on 3300 machine?
  8. Dear Friends Whats the best software to clone a Hard drive that have 3 partitions? Thank you in advance.
  9. Kodak Kiosk software & Manuals

    For Kodak Picture Kiosk GS Order Station sir
  10. Kodak Kiosk software & Manuals

    Dear Friends I am new to Kodak kiosks. Is there anyone who can help me with different kiosk software & manuals. I can buy. My e-mail is fototechk@yahoo.com Thank you
  11. Kodak GS Order station Recovery

    Dear friends I have a Kodak Picture Kiosk GS Order Station that has crushed. I dont have recovery disk, I only have kodak 305 printer driver disk. The computer is a lenovo L-A780 motherboard running windows XP & KODAK Software KPK v8.1. May someone help me with recovery CD. My e-mail is fototechk@yahoo.com. Thank you.
  12. PS1/PS2 Temperature not rising :(

    PDC20 ??????? I doubt that, lets hear if it is the culprit.
  13. E-2810 On Frontier 570

    Good day experts I am troubled by this error on Frontier 570. "DC output in main DC power abnormal". From the front panel Power 1 & Power 2 LEDs are all green. I also checked the fans around DC Power supply, they are all working. I also checked all the fuses on PAC PCB. I could not find the error number in the service manual. Any help would be appreciated.
  14. X-4299 Error Sp3000

    Ok I get similar problem on Frontier 370 when I try to upgrade Printer software to ver 7.7. I had to revert to earlier version & the printer is working fine. I wondered whether the problem is the CD that I am using or the CTL Chip?
  15. X-4299 Error Sp3000