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  1. Fuji DL410 using with QSS EZ Controller ?

    Hello Minilab Service Thanks for you reply. Can you tell me the price for the software when we install it ourself and whats the price if you do the installation? How we have to do for re-programming the Fuji cartridges? Actualy we use it with the Fuji Software but we would like to switch to Noritsu Ez Controller becouse we use also our QSS-3701 Minilab. We buy it just for trying the Drylab tecnology and we are not shure we will keep it or we sell it again. We have also Espon 7890 / Epson 3880 / DNP DS620 printers what do we need to connect this printers also to the EZ Controller? For prices you can PM Best regards Oliver
  2. Hi we have a Fujifilm DL410 and would like to work with it trough the QSS EZ Controller ( Vers. 5.80.020) that we use with our Noritsu minilab. I have seen on Youtube different videos where i can see it is possible, but our Noritsu Support cant help us. Somebody knows how it works, or if we need some special software to connect both? Tanke Oliver
  3. D701 Error

    Hello We have the same trouble with our Fujifilm DL410. We just tryed to reseat the flat cables several times. The problem has come after we made the Printer Head cleaning for 3 times becouse the nozzle check print doesnt print perfect. Has anybody some help for us?
  4. Qss Printer Driver Problem

    Hello Thank you for your reply. I tryed to disable the firewall und also to share the printer but the error message remains. We just tryed to contact the software maker but they have no idea about the error because the software use standard Windows API methodm nothing special?
  5. Hello We are using the QSS Printerdriver Ver. 5.15 on our Win7 PC and it works normaly. Now we tryed to work with our Printersoftware InterlabSystem from PixelTech Poland. This Software can work with every Windows Printer, but with this software we have the following error message: A communication error has occured. Confirm that the QSS is ON and that there are no problem within the network. Has anybody an idea whtas the problem? Thanks Oliver