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      2017 - Minilab Help could face closure at the end of the year. Our outgoing running cost and time is no longer being covered by our sponsorship. 
      With almost 10,000 members we have grown to be perhaps the worlds largest forum for Mini Lab Help. 
      We would now consider the sale of this web site, please contact us if you wish to discuss. 


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  1. Noritsu V30E and HS 1800 Questions

    I need to see which optional modules i have. I just think that the colors are a bit weird with greenish cast on them. I thought turning off corrections i will have better and bolder scans. Skintones is just off right now
  2. Noritsu V30E and HS 1800 Questions

    Does anyone know which stabiliZer or final rinse solution best for this processor? I use c41 ra chemicals from champion. If we want to push by increasing temperature, what will be the best temp setting for one stop push?
  3. Hello I have a V30E processor and HS 1800. They are in working condition. I have some questions in mind regarding these machines. For V30E: 1. Is it possible to do push development with this machine? I have read somewhere V30P is the machine used for pushing development. But I cannot find many information on this specific machine. 2. Is it okay to use different brand of fixer? Kodak Dev and Bleach, Fujifilm or other brand Fxer? For HS1800: 1. I notice there are color differences between using the EZ controller and Photoshop using TWAINdriver. The colors from Photoshop is more contrasty and pop, while images scanned using EZ controller usually a bit dark and not pleasing colors. Why is it so? Is there anyway to turn off auto corrections? Thank you
  4. Sp3000 Auto 120 Carrier Nc120Ay

    Does anyone know where to get the NC120 AY auto 120 carrier? what software is needed to make it run? any info is greatly appreciated
  5. Hs1800 Error 1405 00026

    Hi i saw yesterday the error changes its 1405-00006 and also 1405-00016 I tried to remove the screw from the top cover, and it worked. when I fastened the screw again it won't work. I guess the sensor is not perfectly placed. the film carrier info has 135 perforation sensor is DARK. when its DARK it thinks that there is film inside any inputs?
  6. Hs1800 Error 1405 00026

    Yes im pretty sure it show that error number. The carrier think that rhere is a film jammed inside and it asked to remove the film from carrier. But there is no film. So i read the corrective action would be cleaning the carrier. And i inserted the film carrier again. And the error 1405 came up again. This carrier eas working fine before. This happens after i inserted the 120 carrier and do calibration. Then i decided want to scan 135 film first, then this happened
  7. Hello guys i need help with this error msg saying that i need to remove 135 film from carrier. Looking at the help file i need to do 2 things 1. Remove jammed film 2. Clean inside carrier There is no film inside carrier and i tried method 2 but the problem is still there. I tried the sensor adjustment also still have this error and the adjustment window said terminated abnormally. Do you know any solution for this error? Thank you
  8. Need Help Reinstalling Scanner Pc Software Ms01

    One more question, can we use winxp pc to run c4/c5? I ised to have c4/c5 but i upgraded to ms01/ms11.
  9. Hello The toshiba pc came with my sp3000 just died. I think its a motherboard error. I have a new pc with windows xp sp2 installed. I tried installed ms11 first, no luck. It always got stucked where installing that GMB, CTB things. Setup is not responding after that. I forced closed the setup and go on with ms01 software for scanner side. The ms01 software, where it asks for type of scanner, ms01 server name, installed perfectly. I then installed scanner driver, fmpc for win xp and it recognize the sp3000 already. When i start the system, the fuji software loads on scanner. The scanner initialization succeed the scanned made a sound. But, the screeen looked weird. Theres no pre operation menu, and printing menu. Only post operation menu and system option. I understand he disturbed ms11 installation might caused this error. So my questions are Are able to skip ms11 installation for scanner ? What is the correct steps on reinstallation of scanner software? Best regards
  10. Frontier Sp3000 Questions

    May i know what program do you use to clone the hdd in the scanner pc? May I how to reset the scanner to factory defaults? I found that now most of my scans are not in proper focus. I played with focus calibration last time, and from what I remebered the original value was around 150pts. And now it is currently registered with 60 pts. I only have option for free export bmp. No free export jpg. Is there any option that can enable free export jpg or even raw? Also free export bmp files only have 72dpi. How can I increase the dpi? Big thanks
  11. Frontier Sp3000 Questions

    is it better to clone both scanner and dic HDDs?
  12. Frontier Sp3000 Questions

    I managed to get both scanner and dic computer connected on a network. How do I backup scanner setting?
  13. Frontier Sp3000 Questions

    Hello. Thanks for your answers. I have been in touch with scanner supplier and I dont have any manual book yet. As for the software I think I want with S1 software and install some other optional s4 s5 software as well. Do you know where I can download these software? Thank you once again for the answes I really appreciate it.
  14. Frontier Sp3000 Questions

    Dear all I am getting a frontier scanner sp3000 soon. As far as i know (i read threads in this forum) Im gonna need a 2nd computer to be able to export photo from the scanner computer and connect them through a network. 1. what are the hardware requirement fot this export computer? 2. Software installation wise, which best software to be installed if I want to make this SP3000 as a stand alone scanner? and which software for the export computer? 3. What do I have to do if one of these computer fails (malfunction or broken motherboard etc) ?Just buy a new one and reinstall fuji software? 4. How to maintain this scanner, so that it will maintain its perfect condition? 5. Color correction wise, not sure if this is the place to ask but as far as i know some people bought this particular scanner for that airy pastel look. Does this look achieved just by using the basic software? or if there is any other software? like the s5 software called professional color correction software. Thank you (please pardon my english)