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  1. Hello, I am thinking to buy an external feeder for my 1750, does anyone know how to setup it? Many thanks
  2. Julien

    Dks 17Xx Rollers References

    Hi, I am looking for some rollers's references for DKS 3. I suppose : - the number 1 is N060 311 049 S/A Degage double roller - the number 2 is N060 310 079 S/A. D. Ess. Roll 314 Is it correct? For the number 3, I have no idea... I saw on the user manuel, another double roller: N060 310 022 S/A Roller Bear 314. I am looking for a picture of this roller. Could you help me? Thanks
  3. Julien

    Rollers made of sponge to dryer.

    Hi, Can we make the rollers who are entirely in foam with this hair curler? Does it works for 17xx? I will measure the shaft diameter today. Many thanks