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  1. Dks3 Tank Board Repairs?

    Indeed, I recommending someone with an SMD reworking station and the experience how to use it ;-) Take care. Best Regards, Wallie
  2. Dks 1750 Bus Scan Error

    Hey there Studio001, I should suggest, if PS is in good conditioning (like Pskaro is mentioning) to exchange your paper cutter CAN board of the external paper feeder unit. It doesn't costs that much and it might causing your CAN Bus error. Best regards, Wallie
  3. Dks3 Tank Board Repairs?

    Hey All, You must replace two power mosfet's on the paper transport pcb, however it's SMD assembled. It needs some experience with electronics to replace those because you can easily damage the board while de-soldering them. U18 and U22 you need to exchange, but again be carefull. Best Regards, Wallie
  4. DKS 750 Rack Motor

    Try to swap your ATX power Supply. If this is instable the tank pcb is also not able to regulate properly the voltage towards Rack Motor. I had this instability during paper setup (when switching on densitometer lamp) when it was on the speed of the motor rack drops and a proper measuring of the chart was not able. You could try if you, just like you told, replashed the brushes. Good luck, Wallie
  5. DKS 750 DENSITO

    Hello Benachour, If during the paper setup the machine is telling you that both prints are ok ( so the value 100) then you will have a broken glassfibre cable. It will not be completely broken but receives to less light to receive a good impression of the printed chart. Mostly the glass fibre from tank pcb towards dryer hood will be damaged because this part is bending while opening the dryer cover. Also check your reference sticker on the densito roller these 3 colors needs to be nicely white - grey - black. Good luck, Wallie
  6. DKS 1710 LCD

    Hey there Mr. Bee, If the DKS 3 (1710) is delivered from distributor in your country there is a garantee of 5 years on your LCD. But how did your piezo board overheated, how did you discovered that there was the problem ? The DKS 1710 is the right decision for better quality prints that's for sure. I never had to replaced one LCD unit on a DKS 3 even no pcb of piezo or LCD . Check the flatcable from Mot. LED pcb to Piezo pcb this one can bent sometimes to much and causes a broken string inside the flatcable as also bad connections towards both pcb's !! Replace flatcable could solve your prob ! Wallie
  7. 1710 print red bleeding from full blacks

    Hey there Yorkdig, Go to S.U. mode with "tec" and check your abburation settings please. In the help menu it's explained how to do. If you've further questions please shout. Wallie
  8. help in scanair film hs -150

    Hey there Maystro, First my advise it to look around for a IM 1500 scanner ..... lamps are very hard to get for this one. But perhaps I can give you a solution for this type of scanner ..... Remove front plate and be carefull with the thin flat cable which is connected to this plate, remove it gently. Then locate the 135 mm lamp (in the middle) and disconnect the lamp with the wiring on it. When removing this lamp (using a thin philips screwdriver) you'll see on this pcb two fuses on each side. You can overrule them (make a shortcut on these two points) if you're lucky you can have some pleasure of this lamp for about 6 months, if you want to make it longer switch on scanner only when necesarry ! Good luck, Wallie
  9. dks repairs

    Hey there Tahmores, Just after your turbine (inside your dryer) there is your heating element, this unit is secured with two thermal fuses. Mostly one of those is burned out and you'll having the result that your dryer isn't drying anymore. Please work safe and switch off the machine with the green 230 Vac switch ..... just in case . Best Regards, Wallie
  10. Rack motor

    Hey Guys, I used the 12V dc wires of the Power Supply (at the back of the DKS 3) My customer had a broken tank pcb but couldn't stop his production ..... to do it this way I had no problems with the frequency of the motor (thank god) and my customer could continue his production. Also I made a on/off switch for him that he would be able to shut off his motor when he was going to sleep .....but a good alternatif for continuing production ! Best Regards, Wallie
  11. DKS 750 Print Test Failed

    Hey there Diamond, First clean your lens turret, you have a lot of dust marks on your photo. (Use a lens towel, not compressed air) I hope before you installed the V3 application onto your pc you put back your previous back-up ...... If so complete the Paper Set Up and tell me if you're able to accept the measured values. (continue paper setup even when machine ask you if you want to continue during error measurement) Keep us informed, Wallie
  12. dks 750 dryer problem

    Indeed first your thermal fuses, if they are ok then check your Solid State relais inside dryer unit. Good luck, Wallie
  13. From where to buy a new LCD

    Hey there sccolloroma, When you have the 24 Lines Pixel Problem and you or you technician did all the modifications towards the LCD, then you need to exchange your MSB assembly. But concerning your color problem I would quess to check your chemicals or glass fibre cable form dryer to tankboard. To give you a first focussing point, take out the paper cassette so the light can expose that piece of paper which is coming out of your paper cassette. Then re-attach the cassette onto the DKS and close the door, then press Cardigde and say used cassette. The piece of paper is no going true the chamical process and you'll see, when it comes out of the dryer a black and white photo. If the black isn't black but more towards blue then you really have a chemical problem. Did you allready checked your densitometer, re-calibrating checked your reference sticker in dryer ?? Best Regards, Wallie
  14. problem im 1500

    What type of lamp have u used ? Use only GE or Osram 24/250W , using other types of lamp could cause that your PSU will drop to his knees. (lamp asking to much power) If you didn't use different lamp then you PSU is broken en needs to be exchanged. Best regards, Wallie
  15. service contract

    Hey there Tony, Not me for the UK but for Holland I'll do. But for future thinking, what's the reason why you wanne switch. I do think I know the reason but perhaps you wanne share this. Thanks in advance, Wallie