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  1. If someone knows how to remove yellowish-whitish deposits of chemicals on the rollers,plastic parts and racks.
  2. Hi,Does anyone know if it works D-Carrier software on Linux.Thanks
  3. Any advice, experience for this carrier, whether it is good or not
  4. Interested in whether someone has experience with Fuji Pictrography 4000, whether it is already outdated technology.
  5. Hi,I have a Noritsu 2211 with D-carrier system, if someone knows whether it is possible to print on paper for 20x30cm size, the size 20x60cm,somehow to change the settings of cutter to cut only second time.Thanks
  6. Can anyone suggest software for making biometric passport photos
  7. Hi,entering customers name in orders folder name will be nice option,like this C:\Documents and Settings\Application Data\ServiKiosk\Orders\2009-01-01\John000005 or number of copies in the file name like _1_10x15_BL_21.JPG (_copies_size_border_file.jpg)
  8. Were having problems with bleach-fix tank and rack and filter ,its full with off-white powdery precipitate with a rotten egg odor,what is reason for this?