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  1. Fuji Frontier 350 Error W-2406 (2)

    Does this happen with distribution off?
  2. scratches on FR 570

    Yes AOMs can cause that. Laser wont create it and the subscan can do that also on the bearings. But you've changed the subscan. Anything else mechanically would make it jam infrequently. ie distribution section, distribution entrance etc.

    Anyone know of suppliers for DLAB 2 AOMs?
  4. 570 Is Not Using Replenishment Chemistry Properly

    If there's less water then the colours on the prints wont be good....probably blue looking if not faded.
  5. 570 Is Not Using Replenishment Chemistry Properly

    If you pull off the back cover where the power switch is. There is a number of float switches for the replenisher section also. You can see what ones work correctly. They're yellow and have white floats; they they're high, the processor output check for that replenisher would say YES.
  6. 570 Is Not Using Replenishment Chemistry Properly

    You can Clean the level sensors Run the PSR air filter - Front panel of the Fr570, there is a PSR air option. Press menu 5 times and enter, then scroll down using the arrow keys. Make sure there's no blockage in the hoses or the replenisher pumps (red Iwaki pumps)
  7. Paper Struck In F370

    What I'll suggest for now is either... A. Swapping the racks around with another rack to see if it improves since you might have have a slow feeding rack but you wont know until you swap them around ie PS4 with PS3, P2 with P1 etc. Clean the P1 and P2 before you do otherwise you'll get contamination. or B. If you remove the processor covers, put a bit of the paper on the switches so the printer thinks the covers are still on. Then run paper feed to watch where the prints are slowing down. Could be the rack or the crossover. That's just a starting point. Other options is cleaning the sensors in the dryer exit, checking that the rollers aren't perished.....after a period of time, the rollers in the dryer exit will get sticky and square. The dryer rack emmmmmm, remove and make sure it can feed paper from one end to the other.
  8. Paper Struck In F370

    So last paper goes through and then gives the error. I would say something like in the processor section slowing up the prints since it's counting at one sensor and if it doesn't get to the other sensor within the time, then it brings up the error. But it's giving a paper jam in section 6 error yes?
  9. Dl450 External Magazine

    Anyone have any?
  10. Sp2000

    Or get a SP3000. You'll have less problems and they'll work with either machine.
  11. Frontier 370 Solution Level Problem

    Does the tank replenisher work? If the level is dropping, the printer is supposed to top up with replenisher from the replenisher tank so check in the output settings that all the replenishers are working.
  12. Replenisher problem in 370.

    Have you checked the output voltage from the PAC20?
  13. Paper Struck In F370

    Is there any curls on the paper at all? Does it error on the last paper?
  14. Frontier 570 - Dryer Section Jamming, Rollers Stop. Need Help

    Look at the rollers, are they swollen? Meter the output voltage from the motor? is it the correct voltage? output voltage is written on the motor. Oh the motor might not be the fault but you have something to work with.
  15. Frontier 340 S1 Pc Not Powering Up

    No. 2 beeps doesn't mean RAM. It is a beep from the CTL24 saying that it can't start the PC. If the PC is off and it had a RAM fault, it would continously beep 2 beeps. One set of 2 beeps is from the CTL PCB. Take the PC out, stick it on the table and plug it into the mains. Then troubleshoot it from there, maybe the PSU has gone faulty and since they're special PSUs, you'll have to get it repaired.