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  1. Frontier Sp3000

    Hi there, I have two sp3000, one of them fully working and the other one is working but I have to reinstall the software. I have cloned using Norton Ghost the entire hard disk from the first one to the second one in order to avoid a full reinstallation and the second scanner is running but I am receiving freezing and errors when I try to enter the scanner correction settings from the floppy disk. If I press some buttons inside the maintenance menu I receive fatal errors and the Fuji software doesnt work properly. Anone here knows what are the steps to make 100% functional a cloned hard drive from a different scanner ? Thanks
  2. Chemicals Noritsu V30

    Hi again guys ! Thank you so much for your help. Finally I have my Noritsu working like a charm and I was wondering if is possible to push film with the Noritsu V30 model ( not Noritsu v30p ) ? Also, I would like to run process strips for my Fujitsu chemicals but I don´t know if this will be very complicated to do it, I never used a control strips before, so I don't know how I must understand the results. anyone ? Thanks !!
  3. Chemicals Noritsu V30

    Thanks Kodak, I will try the following; I will use the chemicals developing all my film onetime, and then I will drain the tanks to fill pet bottles to the very rim. This will remove all the air inside of the bottle avoiding most of the oxidation and I can store the mixed chemical for months. Furthermore I can use argon or nitrogen too to seal and avoid any kind of oxidation. After reading several information over the internet, this method looks work like a charm. Keep my fingers crossed Thanks !
  4. Chemicals Noritsu V30

    Sorry my ignorance but as I described above, the machine is going to be turned off all the time and I just want to turn on it when I have enough film rolls, at least 20/30 rolls. Where is the problem ? I am not going to process one roll a day, I want to process all my film rolls at the same time and while the machine is going to be turned off. According to this Fuji article; http://www.fujifilmeurope.be/apps/fuji/fujifilmnv.nsf/pagesbykey/ENVIRONEG%20DEVELOPER%2060%20AC%20-%20C41%20LOW%20THROUGHPUT This developer chemical allow a maximum of 3/4 weeks so where is my mistake ? The fuji technician told me this, that I will not have any problem because the machine is going to be turned off and when I turn on I am going to process enough film and after this I am going to turned off again. Apologies for my silly questions please !
  5. Hi everyone, I recently bought a Noritsu V30 film processor and after a few technical problems with it, ( cutter motor and some pumps broken ) now it is 100% working. I have to buy the chemicals but it´s been a nightmare for me due to I am new processing film. I have contacted with Fuji Spain, Fuji Belgium and Fuji Germany and all them are giving me different references and advices and I don't know what to do. I am not going to develop film for anyone, just for my own photography wedding works. The machine is going to be stopped all the time and I just planned to use it each time I have a film wedding booked, ( I am an hybrid shooter, I shoot digital and film, so depends of the package booked by my clients ) So as I say, the machine is going to be stopped and my intention is to turn on the Noritsu just the day after the wedding, usually each 3/4 weeks, sometimes could be a little longer or not. After several calls to Fuji and surfing over the internet I have different references and I don´t know what exactly do I need for my particular case. I don´t know if I need to buy the very low throughput chemicals ex. Developer 60 AC or the regular ones. Can anyone explain me the differences and which one is better for me in order to avoid as much as possible oxidation, evaporation, etc ? I understand that if the machine is going to be stopped, no oxidation possible here, isn´t it ? Sorry my english and my questions ! Thanks for your support Mercuryin
  6. Mfc10Ay Sp3000

    Hi everyone, I am looking for the 120 carrier MFC10ay with masks for 6 x 4.5 ( calibration mask, difusor and 6x4.5 mask ) Anyone here selling this ? Also, I can buy just the masks separately. Thanks !
  7. Noritsu V30 Service Manual

    Hi everyone ! I just check the opto.sensors and both left and right sides are working 100% fine. The motor home one and the knife blade one. The motor on the left is broken, right is working fine. I have tried disconnecting the left motor and turn it so that the flag closed an optosensor, ( home position ) and the same with the knife blade and it optonsensor. Both sensors are indicating closed. I tried with the knife blade lifted up and motor in home position and I have the same problem. When I turn on the V30, the system try to initialize both motors, the right works fine but when detect something in the left one, ( it´s broken ) the system show me error cutter operation error and cutter return error. Anyone knows how can I work with just one motor disabling any system error message ? Thanks !!!!
  8. Noritsu V30 Service Manual

    Thanks Yustas !! I have found the motor here : http://www.aaaimaging.com/dc-motor-te-35qg1-24-150w.html I just need now the optosensor Best Mercuryin
  9. Noritsu V30 Service Manual

    Hi Yustas, My email is mercuryin@gmail.com thanks !! I did it what you say Kodak but it doesn´t work either. I think the sensor is not working too. Any website for some noritsu sparts ?? Motor, sensor, etc. Thanks to everyone !
  10. Noritsu V30 Service Manual

    Hi Kodak, thanks for your help ! Should I understand I must disconnect the motor totally ? cables, etc ? Which is the original home position ? Sorry the silly questions !
  11. Noritsu V30 Service Manual

    Thanks Yustas ! I don´t need the two lanes at all, I just need 1 motor of course but the thing is I can´t use the machine, when I receive the error CUTTER OPERATION ERROR 007-1 and I press N and YES + NO I can continue but again I receive the same error so I can´t work with the machine !! Can you help me please ? Thanks !
  12. Noritsu V30 Service Manual

    Hi again Justas, I just check right motor and it is working fine, the blade is working fine. The left motor is not working at all, it doesn´t move at all. Do you know where I can buy a new motor ? or if is possible to continue working with just 1 motor ? Thanks !!!
  13. Software Sp3000

    Hi Minilab, many thanks for your help ! Do you have SSI software from ptscsg.com ? They are selling this special software adaptation for the Frontier and of this way you don´t need a PIC and everything is installed in the same machine. Thanks ! Joseba
  14. Noritsu V30 Service Manual

    Hi Yustas ! I just cleaning the contacts in the keyboard and now it´s working like a charm ! I am IT engineer so I know what I am doing, no worries I just need a service manual in order to know components, troubleshooting, etc. Could you send me one please ? Thanks !!
  15. Noritsu V30 Service Manual

    Hi Yustas, I tried but as I say, the keyboard is not responding so perhaps I should clean the keyboard contacts first ? Would you mind send me a service manual please ? Thanks !!