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  1. Hi, please can you share with me SP500 software? I will be very grateful... My e-mail is braska@unireal.sk



  2. oh by the way, thank you so much. you are very kind
  3. i think i will have to take it apart and get back to you with pictures and update.
  4. Hi Thanks, I have turned it off and on couple of times and no joy. I think i am going to have it opened and see if i can find any cable fault. not sure if i will be good enough to find flaw on circuit boards. is there any way i can find service manual how to open unit? i have tried but it seems like a tank who doesnt want to be opened up.
  5. Anyone pls?
  6. Hi I have come across some problem with my SP 500 Scanner. Once started it gives this error E SP 4749 Retry-over of the dc adjustment occurred. Please advice. Thanks in advance.
  7. Away of topic op mentioned! Why my SP500 is scanning at 72ppi instead of 300 on 16base scans please ignore the ignorance
  8. Hi I have just managed to get hold of SP 500 Fuji Scanner, Which i would like to use with Desktop pc as a standalone film scanner. Can someone please help how to set up one on computer and what are the drivers required. Also i have got Auto film Feeder, However there is a small crack in diffusion box. would that cause a issue? Please advice. Thank you all.