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  1. Fuji FRONTIER 500 paper condition setup

    Hello everyone. My problem is that I have to do a paper condition setup every 100 or more prints. So i have to do it over and over every day. Any suggestion for the problem source. Thank you
  2. **Help** Order-It Software

    Hi Where can i find a copy of software order-it for my kiosk Fujifilm Thanks
  3. Magazine Problem Lp5000

    Thanks trevsterkorskikoff But i found the solution and i am gonna share it in case any one need help The problem was in the setting on PC 1. Click the [setup and Maintenance] → [15 Printer Maintenance] → [1520 Printer Setup and Maintenance] → [16 System Operation Setup and Check] → [1640 Installation Information Setup] → [Enter] buttons. 2. Select the “NOT USED” or “USE” for “Option Magazine”. Just like that , i fell like stupid
  4. Magazine Problem Lp5000

    the picture that i supplied show what i did in the menu lp5000 I have two magazine the first for "152 mm" paper and the second for "127 mm". but actually i think there is problem with the sensors. Any one know what sensors detect the presence of magazine? Because the lp5000 does not see the lower magazine. this is the Circuit Board Wiring Diagram http://imgur.com/a/GJulA
  5. Magazine Problem Lp5000

    HELP Hello I have problem, my LP5000 lower magazine does not appear after parameter shipment thank you