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  1. T15 Lcd Totally Black

    Sorry I think that it same as QSF V30-V50.
  2. T15 Lcd Totally Black

    You can buy new one from eay . New , Only 90 -120 USD . That part call OEM - 128GS24Y-1-F5025 LCD Panel
  3. Dear Minilab Service & Yustat . Thank you , My situation is I have machine QSS3701HD that working properly one unit and one pieces of Capacity booster H Z026540-01 ( for QSS3704HD ) But my customer need QSS3702HD . I can not convert it to QSS3704HD because QSS3704HD used Longer Paper Processor ( CD have 2 tank ). I also have all CD program of Capacity booster F and H . As Minilab Service word , it true that one machine (QSS37xxHD) model used only one capacity booster . From attach picture is Capacity Booster H from QSS3704HD. It have only Booster H. I will prefer if some one need to exchange his Capacity Booster F with my Capacity Booster H ( most expensive one ). contact my mail nares911@yahoo.com Phone +6681-3149655 Thank you
  4. Hello Friend' I need Capacity Booster "F" Z026532-01 For Noritsu QSS3702HD. How much for that. If I have Capacity Booster "H" For Noritsu QSS3704HD. How can I do with it ? Thank you
  5. I need to convert QSS3701HD to QSS3702HD . What is extra thing that I need to add in my machine ? How much for cost ? Thank you
  6. Dear Minilab Service , Does it only program or need special donkle to used together ? Thank you
  7. Dear friend , Can anynoe share " Noritsu NetOrder Printer Connection Software " to me ? I need to installed with LPS24PRO My mail is nares911@yahoo.com Thank you in advance
  8. Thank you dear elyuf , You mean that you used Old D-ICE control Pcb J390946 . Program new Firmware to EEPROM on that D-ICE Control pcb. After that the D-ICE control PCB should perform like Switch Control PCB . No need to touch H8S/2340 Hitachi/Renesas CPU . And get rid of Image processing and correction PCBs and D-ICE . Which PC-Laser noritsu card that you used with your new computer J390865 or J391048 . Thank you. Nares
  9. Dear elyusef , How to modify the software of the old “D-ICE Control PCB” to perform like the “Switch” ? - disassembly in machine code of the H8S/2340 Hitachi/Renesas CPU, programming in that language, - hardware connection in the “D-ICE Control PCB” Please advise nares911@yahoo.com Thank you