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  1. thealla

    Kodak G3 not sending orders

    can you tell me how you actually did it? i have the similar problem where kiosk orders are not going to apex especially photobook orders.
  2. thealla

    kodak kiosk apex network

    I have 3 kodak kiosk v 8.1 and 1 apex v 7.0 printing in one hour from kiosks go to apex and print them ordering photo book from kiosks go to apex but stops at 99% or become error in apex computer. What we normally do is that customers order photobook from kiosk and it goes to apex then we download the files from customer asset folder or apex/qss then print the photobook using other printers. now the photobook orders are not getting completed. anyone can help? Thank you
  3. thealla

    Upgrade Apex And Picture Kiosk Gs V8.0

    apex computer is levono right now one hour service prints are printing but photobook orders are not going.
  4. thealla

    Apex Error 12-7

    i only find this 12-7 error msg when there's photoshopped photo was sent from kiosk if it was just regular photo straight from camera....it prints perfectly fine. anyone know why this thing happening?
  5. thealla

    kodak 7000 photo paper

    im in Toronto Canada I can ship from US as well.
  6. thealla

    Apex Error 12-7

    changed cable, but still have the issue....wtf anyone know better idea for going over?
  7. thealla

    kodak 7000 photo paper

    i can supply onemo2go@gmail.com Thanks
  8. thealla

    can 7000 media be used in 6800 pritner?

    so does it work?
  9. is it must to change? i have the same problem well...same msg saying maintenance request 0002
  10. I have maintenance request 0002 (cr problem) is it possible to fix the problem without chaning parts? i heard people change setting (deleting the count)....or is it must to change....?
  11. thealla

    Upgrade Apex And Picture Kiosk Gs V8.0

    I also have apex 7.0 want to upgrade to 8.0v since my kiosks are in 8.1v sometimes order dont go through....why is this happening? anyone know? anyone has 8.0 upgrade?
  12. thealla

    Connecting Frontier minilab with G4 kiosk

    i would like to know this one as well.. i have fuji minilab dl430 but having some trouble connecting to kiosk or where to start....
  13. thealla

    How To Connect Kodak G4 To Ms01?

    how do you do it? I have DL430 and two kodak kiosk G4 KPK6.1V... how do you connect them? without apex? my email is onemo2go@hotmail.com Thank you