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  1. Does anyone find activation key for Epson Order Controller?
  2. I have Fuji DX100 with older driver version 3.4 and MS01 software and evrything worked fine util i upgrade my driver and firmware to version 4.3 and after that ms01 doesent want to print,but from windows ctrl+p working fine. Please help!
  3. I need help,i'm installed MS01 4.2,driver dx100 and msp48 and i can't print from MS01. I'm try from driver directly and it work,but from MS01 not work. I'm add dx100 from mainterence in ms01 but still not work. Can someone help me pleasee?
  4. kisr86

    Frontier S Dx100

    Does anyone have that MSP48 software to share with me,and i will share something back? Thanks.
  5. kisr86

    Frontier S Dx100

    Hi,can someone can help me how to register my DX100 with MS01? I'm install software v4,2,install driver 3.0.4 but i cant't find my dx100 in mainterence (06 output devices- 0601 System configuration) of MS01,i only have: Disc writer,DL 400,DL 410,1500DyeSub4x6-1,DyeSub....,DyeSub.........LP5000,LP7000,LP7100...LP7900.
  6. kisr86

    Ms01 V4.2

    Does anyone now how to make higher resolution then 1024x768 on my MS01 v4.2? When i select recomended resolution on my laptop 1366x768 i can't see all elements on screen (second row on "load and edit" screen i see half)? Does Ms01 4.2 incompatible with higher resolution or i have some problem? Thanks.
  7. kisr86

    Need Ms01 Software

    I need MS01 software too try with my Ask 300. Pleasee send me to mail: kisr86@gmail.com thanks
  8. Hi all,this is my first topic and sorry for my bad Eanglish. I have termal printer Fujifilm Ask-300 and i printing from Adobe Lightroom and i'am not satifacted with quality. I wondering if i try MS01 (MS software) does my picture quality beeing some better? I dont have any MS software,so if any of you good people have it and want to share with me to help me,plesee send me a mail to: kisr86@gmail.com Thanks.
  9. kisr86


    Can someone send me too MS software pleasee? Good pless you all. mail: kisr86@gmail.com
  10. kisr86

    Password Ms01 V3.1

    Can someone send me too MS software? Thanks. mail: kisr86@gmail.com
  11. kisr86

    Ms01 V4.2 And Ms12

    I need too,can someone good men send me MS software? Thanks. mail: kisr86@gmail.com
  12. kisr86

    Ms01 V4.2

    Can someone can send me any of MS software,i dont have any of it? Pleasee mail: kisr86@gmail.com
  13. kisr86

    MS01 V 4.0

    Pleasee send me that copy of any MS software or my boss will kill me,pleaseee!! my mail kisr86@gmail.com Thanks for all you good people
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