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Easy photo ordering

Mar 01 2016 10:52 PM | NeilT in Mini Lab News

Easy photo ordering

This service is designed for a small to medium photo labs that want to have their orders to be safely received and automatically printed. Orders can be sent from any operational system (Mac or Windows) as well as from any mobile device. Convenient to setup and run back office. Can be set for any amount of printers and/or services your lab provides.

This service can be fitted into any local network environment. You have a tiny script running in your lab that checks if there are any orders for you in the cloud. If such orders arrive they are downloaded to the folder you specify. You have full control of your orders and you can to set up any amount of the types of delivery with or without payments.
You don’t need any application for the mobile phones because this service works in mobile browsers. Actually, it looks like an app. You can add your ordering space to any page of your website with just one line of code.

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Noritsu go from strength to strength in the UK...

Jul 22 2015 09:19 PM | NeilT in Mini Lab News

Noritsu go from strength to strength in the UK market
On June the 24th and 25th Photoxport/Noritsu hosted open days for Noritsu products showcasing the leading edge Green II Inkjet drylab.
The enthusiastic turn out of Industry attendees enjoyed over the two days, Seminars from Noritsu’s head of Strategic Sales & marketing Worldwide Mr Ron Kubara who delivered keynote demonstrations on Noritsu’s unique state-of-the-art E-Z software, this now industry defacto standard for delivering high quality results with ease of use for the operator.
There was also Q&A Session about the New Green products and consumables.
The attendee’s also got to meet with Noritsu President Mr Fujimoto who explained noritsu new range of systems and forthcoming New product line up, he emphasised Noritsu commitment to The UK market and Noritsu support for Photoxport’s efforts in reestablishing noritsu in the UK Market … Mr Fujimoto was impressed with the passion for Noritsu’s products in the UK which came across from the level of industry attendees.

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Kenro adds more Wooden Frames to its own-brande...

Jul 22 2015 09:16 PM | NeilT in Mini Lab News

Kenro adds more Wooden Frames to its own-branded collection

Posted Image A number of smart new wooden own-branded frames have been launched by UK & Ireland Photo Frames and Albums distributor, Kenro Ltd.

The new Lytton Series of frames - available in either painted matt white or black wood grain finish - have a 30mm x 13mm deep flat profile, giving them a very contemporary look. They are particularly suited to displaying black and white photos. With a free-standing easel back, they come in sizes: 6x4, 7x5, 8x6 and 10x8 inches.

The new Milton Series of wooden frames have a flat styled 35mm x 15mm deep profile and are available in three different colours: smooth finish Ivory, Black or trendy Champagne. With a free-standing easel back, they come in sizes: 6x4, 7x5, 8x6 and 10x8 inches.

The Kenro Chester Series has been a favourite for a while now and the range now boasts three new sizes. Available in Black or White they have a generous and bold 35mm wide profile with a raised filigree design and removable picture mats. They have free-standing easel backs and are available in sizes 6x4, 7x5 and 8x6 inches, plus the new 10x8 inch version. They are now also available in multi-aperture sizes, with wall hanging fixings, to hold either three 6x4 inch or three 7x5 inch photos.

Finally, the City Series is a classic wood Certificate size frame (A4) with a 20mm x 15mm deep rounded cushion profile. This neutral coloured frame has a gold edge to highlight the photo or certificate, and features a free-standing easel back.

All these new frames are supplied shrink-wrapped with protective card corners in an individual bubble bag.

Says Paul Kench, Kenro's managing director: "Retailers can be confident that all Kenro Frame ranges are great quality and offer excellent value for money. We are constantly on the look-out for new frames that provide added interest, and our wooden frame ranges remain a firm favourite."

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More Distressed Wood Frame Ranges announced by...

Jul 22 2015 09:13 PM | NeilT in Mini Lab News

More Distressed Wood Frame Ranges announced by Kenro

Posted Image UK & Ireland Photo Frames and Albums distributor, Kenro Ltd, has further extended its range of 'Distressed' and 'Shabby Chic' styles to its own-branded Kenro Wood Frames collection.

The fashionable new 'Kington Antique' series have a distressed ivory antique style matt painted finish with 38mm wide x 22mm deep swept profile, while the 'Kington Beaded' series have an ornate 35mm wide x 20mm deep profile with a distressed painted cream finish and decorative beading around the picture area.

The Kington series wooden frames are available in sizes 6x4, 7x5, 8x6 and 10x8 inches and are supplied shrink wrapped with protective card corners and individual bubble bag. All have free-standing easel backs and would take pride of place on today's trendy 'worn-look' pastel-coloured furniture.

The new Kenro Toulon Series of 'shabby chic' wooden frames have a 30mm wide x 15mm deep shaped profile and come in three different colours: white, brown or blue, with a washed wood grain finish. They are available in sizes 6x4, 7x5, 8x6 and 10x8 inches and are supplied shrink wrapped with protective card corners and bubble bag, with free-standing easel backs.

Says Paul Kench, Kenro's managing director: "More and more customers are going for the 'well worn' look style of frames, perhaps to match that popular style of kitchen, living room and bedroom furniture. But also, this style of frame fits well in a room with contemporary decoration, which is perhaps why they are so popular with retailers."

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New Designer Styled Photo Albums launched by Kenro

Jul 08 2015 11:12 PM | NeilT in Mini Lab News

New Designer Styled Photo Albums launched by Kenro

Kenro, the well-known distributor of Gift Frames and Albums in the UK and Ireland, has added further Designer Styles to their own-branded range of Gift Photo Albums.

Posted Image The new Candy Series have fabric covers with a choice of either a striped pattern with light green spine and back, or a spotted pattern with pink spine and back.

The Cottage Flower Series has fabric covers in either brown or grey. There is a 6.5 x 6.5cm frame on the front cover with a natural leafy design surround, ideal for a favourite picture.

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