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Found 10 results

  1. Hello everyone, Please I am new to the world of photo labs. I am looking to set up a photolab which I want to have web to print capabilities. That is customers are able to order prints online. I was looking for a used Noritsu 3702HD or 3701HD but those seem to be scarce in the market . Besides these which other minilabs can you recommend with as fast or faster print rate with similar image qualities and durability. Also we are looking to be able to make photobooks. I would like recommendations of very good photobook making machine out there in the market beside the chinese 10in1 options. Thanks and looking forward to some responses. Regards Kel
  2. Hi all, I bought a second hand KPK GS that came with version 8.1.1 pre-installed (but without any disk), and I can't find the "Send orders to Minilab" menu in Options management... The manual says that I should enable it with the installation CD, but I haven't any... any hints? Thanks in advance
  3. Hello friends, My Noritsu QSS 2802 now shows 6901-0080 ARCNET Image Processing PCB error when the machine is initializing. Before, it was ARCNET Image Correction PCB, but recently it stop appearing. I have trimmed the fiber optic cables and the red light is bright (which I think it is no problem). I also cleaned the fiber optic ports. I also found out there is an ARCNET diagnostic test software for QSS 3100 and up. But what could I use to check the connection for 2802? Any help would be very appreciated. Thank you. Jacky
  4. Hi there folks. I have an Kodak Apex v6.0 with two thermal printers and a Kiosk, also v6.0. I also have an Fuji minilab (Frontier 370) and I want to print the photos from the Kiosk in the Frontier. We did that not a long ago, but somehow it stopped to work. The way it worked, were the photos from the Kiosk went to the apex and then to jpg files in the pmhdx folder (shared with another computer). Now it doesnt send the jpg files to the folder, instead the progress counter is stuck at 99%, sometimes less depends on the job. There is a way to make it work again?
  5. My hardisk was crashed and I had to reinstall all the software, used Toshiba tool to recover through the Recovery CD provided Use Ai software use scanned back up floppy disk everything installed properly but keep getting "E-1423 Downloading image processing section program failed" what could be the problem pleas help please please!!! Thank you
  6. grif

    Dcm > Ms01

    Hey, Orders rendered from Kiosk to DCM are rendering fine, but not appearing on the MS01 page. Appear as completed on DCM. At the moment im adding orders manually through instore jobs but nothing is coming across automatically like yesterday!! Any ideas? Thanks.
  7. Hello, I currently use an outside service for photo printing for clients. I was wondering if there's a rule of thumb "tipping point" after which I should rent or even buy my own minilab. I do approximately 10,000 photos a month, is that even in the range? Thanks, -- Dani
  8. For Sale used Noritsu QSS-2802 Digital (Good and Working Condition). Other mini lab machines are for sale also: - Kodak LED 20P Gen 2 with the Processor - Gretag NetPrinter 812 - Kodak ENCAD NovaJet 1000i (Large Format Printer) All machines are in good working condition. If anyone is interested please email me at jacky_works@hotmail.com (I can also send pictures if you want to, just email me) I live in Indonesia, Surabaya City. Best regards, Jacky.
  9. AllisonK

    Purchasing A Minilab

    Hello, I own a sp-3000 standalone Fuji scanner and I am thinking about purchasing a minilab. I was wondering, is there any way I can connect the scanner to another minilab which is NOT BY FUJI? Thanks!
  10. Hello Dear minilabhelp community, I'm requesting a little of your time to help me with a little problem with a [Fujifilm - Frontier 330 - slp 800 sc] minilab. Some days things are going good, no issues whatsoever and some others days (like today) things are turning very bad. No matter how many calibrations i try, it looks like the lab refuses to keep the correct settings. It happens with every paper types, every magazines and the problem appears to be totally random... Some times i can make a hundred prints without any problem and some others times, i can't do 2 or 3 in a row, without that kind of printing issues. Usually the lab gives me green(), then red(), then good() calibration test. 3 tests no more. But since a few weeks now, some pictures are turning green() or red(&) for no reasons. As You may notice, sometimes it's the whole picture, sometimes just a quarter and lately, just a little strip. I tried to recalibrate of course and the least i can tell is : that it's no working everytime... So my question is, do you think it's related to AOM Driver or Laser? I have a little idea because I looked through for forum for quite some times, but I wanted to show You examples in my case, to be "sure". Thanks in advance for any suggestions/advices!