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Found 1 result

  1. audiomax

    Hello again... thank you very much for quick and precise replay at my previous post ! Now I want to ask a different and sensitive kind of problem ! As we all know, Kodak closed production plant for chemicals in UK and moved the production to Tetenal... I'm talking with a few Noritsu owner that tell me the quality of RA4 chemicals is...can't find the word...not as good as the previous RA4 made in UK ! Because I have no experience with RA4, I want to ask here if anyone knew wich is better: FUJI Hunt, Kodak or Fuji CP 48 or 49 ! Another problem...can Noritsu QSS 3411 RA4 be modified to use Fuji CP48 or CP 49HVII ? At the moment for me is difficult to order Fuji chemicals other than CP 48 or CP 49...or Kodak RA4 ! Thank you in advance and wait for your kind advices !