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  2. I wonder... if someone DID have it (or any of the other crop charts for other machines), would making a 1:1 scan of it and printing it out on a 3D printer be possible for it to "work" ?? I'm sure there's lots of people that would like one for their machines (hint, hint Yustas & Minilabhelp) Even if it's only good for 1 or 2 uses, it may be worth it for the lab owner to have it.... Or post the 3D drawings on-line for download and "easy" local printing/manufacture.
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  4. I wrote you private message. Read it and respond. You will get not only software with manuals, but full support to install and make adjustments.
  5. Not all can be found on manuals - few important details missed there. I have all manuals and the most important know how to install all correctly. Also for this model have long length print software. Write private message, if need manuals, software or help.
  6. Sure, he anyway needs manual. I just wanted to state it before he get the manual.
  7. On 32 bit installation is complicated also. Many adjustments need to do on FMPC computer, if want that it work properly.
  8. You can’t install it to x64. You should use Win7 x86 (32-bit)
  9. HELLO,PLEASE ANYONE HAVE INSTAL INSTRUCTIONS MANUAL MS01 V4.2 FOR LP5500 for win7 64bit magicphoto24@outlook.com

    i have Pc workstation with win7 64bit

    1. kohabdessalem



  11. hello i want to purchase ms01 software with manual if you want to sell contct me k-oh-abdessalem@hotmail.fr
  12. To add on maintenance utility not enough. Have add on MS01 ( add - delete printer menu ) . After adding have adjust it ( enter used USB port ) .
  13. Hello profshery. My profile is not trash box. Your message there deleted. When need something - write private message ( envelope symbol at the top of the page ) . There are not any drivers for Fuji LP-7100 and Noritsu QSS3501F PLUS . They have network connection ( not USB ) . Yes, need system software, profiles and printing interface to use these minilabs. Software for Fuji is very old and has not any updates. The latest system software is version 4. Can be installed on W7 32 bits. Have print from MS01. The latest software from Noritsu - version 19 ( released at the end of last year ) . Can work on W10 x64, or other Windows. Have use with Ez controller ( the latest version - 6.80 ) . Fuji LP-7100 and Noritsu QSS3501F PLUS can install using both software. If it is Fuji and want install as Noritsu have to know how to do it ( not typical installation ) . Can offer both software - Fuji and Noritsu. Write private message, if want to buy them. Also step by step explain how to install all and make settings there. Denis Fotogold. Just now saw your message. I have D1005 HR service manual and new software ( version 7 ) . Write private message, if interested.
  14. Pls I urgently need Fuji 7100 = Noritsu QSS3501 F driver and softwares thank you in advance..
  15. I am Chen Yong from Shanghai Doli Photographic Equipment Co., Ltd. I am pleasure that we can give you a favor, we are still provide aftersales service. Please donot hesitate to contact me via service@doliminilab.com.
  16. surviving

    DX100 msp48

    how do i register on MS01 .... i already add the DX100 on maintenance devices output
  17. Last week
  18. What is red - server, printer, or both of them? If server - then problem with computer settings. If red printer - then problem with driver, MSP48, not installed patch, or printer not registered on MS01.
  19. surviving

    DX100 msp48

    hello i installed MS01 with msp 48 i installed the drivers for dx 100 also but the warning light on the MS01 windows is still red so the DX100 is not connected with pc any help i ll appreciate
  20. @Minilab service,,, thank you very much ! J490360 is the answer I want. thanks again
  21. Which board you are talking about? If about board with two LEDs for 135 DX sensors then on board see number J490360 (unit W412801-01) . On older carriers - J490252 (unit W407998-01) .
  22. So now you understand that a blue channel of your 2-channels AOM driver is out of order, don't you? Please repair or buy the new one.
  23. Sorry to reply late. Had bad internet network. I swapped the AOM drivers connector and got uniform yellowish photos. After. Some Paper Condition Setup, got all prints ok. Have to observe the production more today.
  24. Dear Sirs, who knows the Old part no. [ ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ] replaced by Latest part no. W412801-01 PCB Unit which is on AFC-II . Thank you for your time !
  25. Please write email to service@doliminilab.com, we can help you to solve the problem.

    HELP ME Please !

    Please write email to service@doliminilab.com, we can help you to work out all matter of minilab.
  27. I think it is a problem of software. My HS-P408 printer has not such problem.
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