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    @Minilab service
  4. Chipung


    Why, my DE100, cant print, but processing printing done or completed...thanks for respons
  5. Minilab service

    Waste chemical

    What is the problem? Do you see leakage from overfilled tanks? Is waste tank full, or empty? Can be three reasons - replenishment and water filling doesn't work, clogged pipes between working tanks and waste solution tank, or clogged draining pipes.
  6. I have all virtual boosters - type A, type B, type C and type D. Wrote you about it on private message, when you asked about booster there, but you didn't send any answer. Type D booster can be used only on QSS3502. It can't be used on QSS3501. QSS3501 has one printing lane and QSS3502 has two printing lanes. To use capacity booster type D on QSS3501 and convert it into faster QSS3502 minilab first have change minilab hardware ( to have two printing lanes ) . It is too expensive to add on this minilab. Boosters A and C can be used on QSS32 and QSS33 minilabs ( only models with scanners, A for regular and C for SD models ) to increase printing speed. Booster type B can be used on QSS32, but after that need to use fast process chemicals. Booster B is to have faster processing on QSS32 and QSS32SD ( all models - with scanner and PRO ) .
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  8. Sheby

    Waste chemical

    The waste chemical is not coming out of the machine for fuji 330. What would be the issue?
  9. Thank you. I will do so later because having a journey now.
  10. Do not understand your language. This is international forum, so write in English. You should respect other forum members, if want to get answers to your questions
  11. mohamed bachir

    alpha 600

    bonjour les amis .je voudrais savoir les anomalies qui sont lies par la panne du alpha 600. sachant que j ai un frontier 375 . cordiallemment
  12. Of course first have replace waste tank absorber and clean tank, but it will not remove message. Waste tank has not any sensors. After replacement and cleaning have reset counter and enter replacement date. Enter into service mode. Go to printer operation information menu. There can delete total print counts, total print counts 2, waste ink tank usage rate and waste box usage rate. After that go to printer specification menu. There replacement dates of the waste ink tank absorber, paper cutter unit and head plate unit can be registered and shown. When you replace each part, enter the replacement date as a reference for the next replacement.
  13. usually you must empty the waste tank to clear the message in 99% all equipment case.... I believe :-)
  14. Last week
  15. How do you reset the Waste Tank Full message on a Noritsu D502?
  16. No, not officially. I've never done it that way so can't comment. Enter the HS-1800 maintenance program, enter the service mode, then, Scanner Unit Adjustment, Focus Adjustment As I said earlier, for uneaven colour issues the normal cure is clean the lens underneath the AFC and then do the scanner calibration (light source adjustment)
  17. Yes, I have all of them. Write private message and we can discuss everything there.
  18. The changes is done in the BkFocus#0.dat file, correct? Please see noritsu scans with problems https://www.dropbox.com/s/in4ut0oci978g5k/000000520002-a.jpg?dl=0 Here is the fuji scans of the same negative (out of the scanner, no post) https://www.dropbox.com/s/5wyfz4d6wnnhlnc/000002a.jpg?dl=0 Again, thank you so much for your kind help.
  19. Once you register the value it will remain. I can't see any colour or light strip on your photo. The normal cure is clean the lens underneath the AFC and then do the scanner calibration.
  20. Many Thanks Dave! With the manual adjustments be permanent or I have to do it for every photo? Also, from the sample photos, do you know what is causing the color and the light strip across the photo? Any information are greatly appreciated.
  21. They have to be ordered from Noritsu Z019786-01 Scanner adjustment chart (135) Z019787-01 Scanner adjustment chart (120) The other alternative is to increase/ decrease the focus value number until the scans are in focus. For example if the initial value is 100 do a scan at 90 and one at 110, see which one is better, than 100, repeat until you find the best value.
  22. Hi Dave Im in Bangkok. Where can I get these plates?
  23. You need to get both film carriers focused using the special Noritsu laser cut focus plates. Where are you located?
  24. Check the fibre optic ports on the processor control PCB are not blocked with debris, trim the ends of the fibre optic cables with the special cutter. Until you have communication with the processor control PCB, everything in the processor will be turned off. Of course it could be a faulty processor control PCB.
  25. here is same photo from Fuji Frontier SP-3000 https://www.dropbox.com/s/72exe4mkgh1f361/000002.jpg?dl=0
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