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  2. If I understand well you in some unknown language asking about Fiat Punto. Fiat Punto is not bad car. Nice, if you have it. If you asked something else and really want to get an answer then write your question in English. Then we can understand and help you.
  3. I have already described the steps of elimination of the issue with not-white paper on my website. Please read here (just ignore that it is for Noritsu - the solution is the same) https://minilablaser.com/troubleshooting/noritsu/ or here: https://minilablaser.com/troubleshooting/fujifilm-2/ Hope it will help.
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  5. surviving

    MS01 LP2000

    thank you guys
  6. Hola, tenemos un problema con puntos que aparecen en la zona blancas de las fotos. Pensamos que era suciedad, pero lo puntos son todos iguales. Logramos sacar una foto y son puntos RGB. Alguna idea de cual seria el problema y como resolverlo?
  7. Can do it, but instead scanner need connect FMPC with firewire card.

    MS01 LP2000

    Yes its possible
  9. surviving

    MS01 LP2000

    hi everybody just want to know if it is possible to install MS01 ver 4.2 on a FRONTIER 370 without scanner thank's
  10. I have all possible image files. For R1 with P1 computer also. Sorry, but you are not my customer, so why should I waste my time uploading and sending to you. Can ask your service engineer, friends, suppliers and someone else. If you ready to pay for my jobs I can send image and explain how to load everything. Write private message, if interested.
  11. Which profile do you need? There are paper profiles and they are an profile data CD Vol.3. If you need .icm profiles then can be downloaded from Noritsu. Profiles are for exact printer and exact paper.
  12. If not printed paper ( pre-cut ) goes out not white, then here is problem with chemicals. Need check, or replace. If pre-cut paper is white and just is some color in light area then you need upgrade minilab system software. Only since version 12 was solved yellow - red on light area. The latest system software is version 19. There fixed more problems, than on version 12.
  13. Noritsu D1005 have color profile in the CD Install this the last version.
  14. is there any color profile to download for noristu dry lab D1005HR?
  15. hello ,ihave a Noritsu QSS-37 The white it is pale it doesn't come out white and clear ... how i can fix that ? thank you
  16. Issue solved. Replaced papertransport.ini and optique.ini with backup files, redone the settings. Found the reason ... during lens centering I was fooled by the resolution description on the center square - instead 10p I took 50p per line. Errare humanum est - I serviced this machine 5 years ago... despite instruction, lot of know-how blended in memory.
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  18. Hi, can you help me? I need a redhat image and the pc sticker says p1oa1. do you have that image? can you share it? the printer is r1 minilab. my mail is cjv21@hotmail.com
  19. -check if lcd is properly mounted -check/clean the sensors on the exposure table -in S.U. check:-mm/top feeders -lens -paper cutter & phd2
  20. Good morning my dear technicians. I am a member of the technical department of FUJI FILM Tunisia, in fact I find myself in a conflict with one of our customers, it has as a machine the FRONTIER 330 is that there eterjat used for more than 18 years, so far . Laying the last 4 years this machine does not stop reporting errors of perforation of regeneration cartridge, But every time I go around I find a reason for the problem: durite stopper or pump valve expired or a float surrounded by the chem sudus transformed into crystal state (this case has been repeating a lot of hay) or a faulty relay on the PAC22 board or a faulty contact in the connectors of the cartridge wash solenoid . According to my personal convictions, I have no doubt that this printer has no room for technical follow-up in the traditional way, that is, an examination to determine the location of the problem, after cleaning and then repair or replacement with new parts, because the multiplicity and frequency of technical visits did not cause any disturbance in relations with the client, So what I have to conclude in such a situation is the blocked repair, where all the parts involved in the chemical regeneration process are replaced. This method is only applicable to older printers that have been exposed to intensive technical problems. is that you support me in my point of view if my analysis and conclusion of the subject are logical and practical, or if you direct me to the best solution if I am wrong. In any case, my dear ones, I offer you my warmest thanks and greetings, and thank you very much for having answered me.... LAMJED
  21. HI, DKS1530 after LCD change. PRNU, Piezo done when I moved to optic positionning and paper settings machine started to do "paper jam" between expo and printer without any physical reasons. PRNU is printing ok but cannot print pictures in normal way - everything is shifted 15mm forward and 2cm down. also have huge problems with expo plane scaling and paper offsets. never had issue like that. where could I make mistake ?
  22. MIniLab Service might be right - broken motor or incorrect plugin ( some say its not possible but ... it is) also some blocked rollers might be reason.
  23. . Hi I am looking for a used or new dryer machine Noritsu qss 3300 and also give me the price of the used machine.
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