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  2. How does one go about cleaning the laser glass? Not something I’ve done before.
  3. dust on laser glass , just clean ... no need to make pressure
  4. I have a 3311 Noritsu printer. We cleaned up a bit of a leaking issue this last week, and in the midst of getting that done and resetting my power supply I now have the strange line on my prince. I’m not sure if it’s caused by dust somewhere or what’s going on with it. Anyone with experience with a similar issue in this printer that can help would be amazing. I’m hoping it doesn’t have to do something with the laser. I did replace in AOM about two weeks ago could that possibly be the issue as well?
  5. Minilab service


    Probably one fan doesn't rotate, do not rotate few fans, or minilab software doesn't see fan F600, F601, F602, F603 rotation. Fans have three pins connectors. Check power suppliers on them ( should be +24V ) . If have power suppliers make sure, that all fans rotate. If they rotate then check level on rotation sensor output ( when rotates should be 0 V, when doesn't rotate should be +5V ) . Then you can see what is wrong ( missing power supply, faulty fan, or bad circuit board and doesn't see signals from rotation sensors ) .
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  7. E-2606 means replenisher cartridge section malfunction. Can be poorly connected or broken harness between the cartridge opening motor (M720) and PDB8 on the PDB23 circuit board, poorly connected or broken harness between the replenisher cartridge upper/lower sensor (D722/D723) and JNE2 on the JNE23 circuit board, poorly connected or broken harness between the replenisher door open/close detecting interlock switch (D724) and PWR4 on the PWR23 circuit board, faulty M720, D722, D723, D720 Go to input check and test all three sensors ( should be changes, when sensors opened and changed ) . Then go to output check and test motor. Then you see what is wrong.
  8. Here the message i received today: "... Dear Sir or Madam, We can join the imaging industry in looking back upon a successful, colourful and innovative era: 70 years of photokina in Cologne. Since 1950, for generations it has been the top address for photography, video and imaging. It indisputably ranks among the most positive and emotionally charged brands in the global trade fair world. This is precisely why it is an extremely difficult step for us to have to suspend implementation of photokina at the location in Cologne for the time being, in light of the continuing steep decline in the markets for imaging products and the increasingly heterogeneous needs of the different market segments. Even before the corona virus pandemic began, the imaging market was already subject to strong upheaval, with annual percentage declines in the double digits. The momentum in this direction intensified massively in 2020, most recently reporting a decline in the 50-percent range. Within photokina, these market shifts grew very noticeable in the recent past. Conceptual changes, too, such as the inclusion of the smartphone and new imaging technologies, along with a change of cycle and a schedule change, were not enough to compensate for the downturn in the numbers and marketing budgets of exhibitors owing to consolidation of the classic market. The overall situation at the moment is not compatible with the quality standards of a photokina as a globally renowned leading trade fair and brand representing the highest quality and professionalism in the international imaging market. After decades of shared history, this deep cut is a painful one indeed. Nonetheless, we must face the situation and the trend in the industry and take a clear, honest decision against continuing this event – a decision to which, unfortunately, we have no alternative. We would like to thank you very much indeed, for your longstanding loyalty to photokina and the enthusiasm that this has involved. We can hardly put into adequate words the things we have experienced together, the history we have written together, and our appreciation for your work for and participation in photokina. We trust that you know quite well how grateful we are to you, and how difficult it is for us not to be planning a photokina with you in the foreseeable future. If not for you, photokina would not have evolved into the great and emotional world-leading trade fair it has become. It is the memory of these unforgettable snapshots that we will always cherish – the opening of the exhibition areas, the spectacular premières of new products to journalists from all over the world and the enthusiastic responses by our international visitors. Nothing short of Imaging Unlimited! Thanking you for 70 years together, Your photokina team Koelnmesse GmbH Messeplatz 1 50679 Köln Germany ..." Pity.
  9. 2 days ago my 550 asked for a new cartridge I inserted cartridge it starts to do its thing then I get the above error and door is locked? I'm not sure if it actually finished mixing and the motor got stuck or whats going on here. Is there away to unlock the door to see if it actually mixed or not so I know how long I have to fix error. Hopefully its just sensor issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Hello, I have a KIS DKS 1710 which died on me this morning. I suspect the motherboard of the onboard computer. I removed the original hard drive and installed it on my backup computuer and it booted win xp fine. However when I try to open DKS 3 it loads to 100%, and throws out this error: 27542. I have a few dongles and dongle pci boards and have tried them all with no effect. Any advice or things I am overlooking? I am situated in Iceland so no luck getting quick parts or techs to come look at it. regards, Pixlar
  11. csi

    Fujifilm ASK-300

    I guess it would work, but I haven't updated the system in a long time, so suddenly I got a pretty big amount of updates. I do not know which of them caused this. I tried to uninstall the printer and updated all the steps, I also installed a profile from the fuji site. And again, a little red predominates. I can fix it in the settings on the printer itself but again that's not it. There is no recognizable color of the human face that I normally like with fuji.
  12. Minilab service


    Abnormal +8V power supply is detected on LDD23. Can be missing power supply from PWR23, or LDD23 is faulty. Check voltages on LDD23 power connectors. If all OK - replace LDD23.
  13. until now mine still not solve even i call Fujifilm Engineer they also have no idea. They try playing with the setting Color Profile and even change another printer but still the same problem.
  14. Haven’t used my printer for year but decided to take it again. Updated firmware 251 put paper in - showed paper empty. I manually push the paper forward then is shows ready loading ribbon rolls but then shows ribbon empty .. and ribbon is collected under not correctly on spindle
  15. How can I get the ms01 ver. 10.0R If you can help, please write to me on my email (aia1969@gmail.com) Thanks
  16. Last week
  17. thx for reply going to change tomorow or next week the chemistry and well back with response.
  18. What if to disable that Win10 update?
  19. Try to catch a blank print after each rack to find the culprit for the streaks. Open the top cover and place the magnet in the connector to avoid alarm. Remove the crossovers one at a time and you'll see after which stance you have stripes.
  20. Clean STB racks, replace STB chemical. Looks like BL carry-over. I would also check last set of rollers in BL cross-over..
  21. no but i take out tomorow.the distance of marks its same as rollers.thx
  22. Are you sure those marks are coming from the exposure advance unit? I would be very surprised if the marks are coming from there. Have you taken the paper out before it goes into the chemistry? to check for marks?
  23. dirty from Exposure advance unit.i stop the print in STB and its dirty not from crossover.
  24. Probably you had Fuji MS software ( not M4 ) . There are many adjustments on EZ controller. Maybe something selected wrong and you have smaller print. Do not know, which Fuji minilab, or dry printer connected to EZ controller. Can ask service engineer, who converted Fuji to Noritsu and he explain everything. When I change software I explain everything. Your engineer should do the same.
  25. Dirt from the crossovers or racks? Try replacing the solution in the 4 STB tanks.
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