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  2. Thank you~Minilab Service The Noritsu tech bring a HS-1800 scanner to me to test what problem.He put my S-1800 PCB board to his scanner. It work fine. So the problem is [scanner unit]. He say the [scanner unit] cost about USD$ 7000. Can only change some part?not all the scanner unit? Thank you
  3. Sound like you already have an workaround on the problem... I am curious . . what is room temperature in summer WITHOUT turning on the air conditioner ?
  4. sir, leave me your email address so I can ask the double side QSS-32 equipment supplying company to contact you 

    which country are you from ?             David Lam,   davidlam@sinopromise.com, Hong Kong

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  6. Yup. I’ve tested it with water and scrubbed it pretty good.
  7. hope you have tested machine water water well... before filling in chemicals
  8. my English is not good I'll translate thank you for your understanding my printing press is working properly and then it restarts itself. I changed the processor fan additional fan installed I blew all the basecards and power supply with the machine and cleaned their dust. "Alpha 400 and Alpha 600 included" still rebooting itself after working 4-6 hours I always keep the lids on the back of the machine open. after rebooting itself, I turn on the air conditioning in my office and turn the machine off and on again, this time it won't turn itself off. I only have this problem in the summer. We haven't solved the problem for 2 years.
  9. Press and hold sorter button. Might be your minilab is in stand by mode.
  10. I m using noritsu 3801G machine . Since 3 days machine out of order . Error on the monitor is network communication error. Once we on the machine sometimes sorter light blinks but when we turn off the machine and restart again sorter light blinking stops and machine goes online but when we start printing error comes network communication error. Please advice.
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  12. Usually on Blue takes a longer time to have synchronization. To make sure switch AOM drivers ( for example Blue with Green ) . Look changes after that. Run laser test software and find minimal percents when have not errors.
  13. Noritsu QSS 3211 Our prints are coming out solid yellow and we're not sure why. When we test the Blue laser it takes a while for it to switch to "Synchronous" (longer than the red and green). Hoping this is just an AOM driver and not the laser. Any ideas? Thank you.
  14. Yes. Normally the CD is first mixed as replenisher, then starter and extra water are added to make tank solution.
  15. Hello Miguela. Which Fuji printer do you have? Here is topic about LP-1500/LP-2000. If you have LP-1500 or LP-2000 and see W-2411 error then go to input check and look paper sensor status ( sensors D541, D552, D560, D561, D562, D571, D572, D573 ) . When paper removed they should be light. Can be closed, dirty, or faulty sensor, bad connection, or faulty CTL20 board. Check what you have on your minilab and then can say more. If you have different printer - write model.
  16. Hi!! I have the same problem, i´m in Argentina. If someone can help me to find the sensors. You can write in english, y can undestand you. My name is Miguela
  17. Each chemical manufacture uses it's own mix ratios, so you will need to look for the instructions for your particular chemistry. Look for "tank solution/mix" it normally gives you the mix per litre, just times these figures by the tank size. V30RA Tanks size CD 7.6L BL 3.1L Fix 5.4L (Total) STB 5.7L (Total)
  18. Hello, just acquired a v30 ra and need to fill it up with chemistry. how do I mix the developer and bleach starter in for the first time? thank you jorge
  19. Hello. Here is topic about QSS29. It is absolutely different minilab. About your problem read there : https://www.minilabhelp.com/forums/topic/25642-prints-change-to-green
  20. W-2203 ink cartridge error: Delete all print jobs remaining in the operating system's print queue. Please install correct cartridge. The corresponding color’s Ink Cartridge is not recognized. 1. Reset the corresponding color’s Ink Cartridge. 2. Replace the corresponding color’s Ink Cartridge with a new one. 3. Connect the FFC that connects the Ink Cartridge Holder and the Main Board again. 4. Replace the Ink Cartridge Holder with a new one.
  21. W-2203 is hardware error. You can't reset it, if problem exists. W-2203 - ink cartridge error. Ink cartridge is not recognized. Reset the corresponding color’s Ink cartridge, replace the corresponding color’s Ink cartridge with a new one., check connection the FFC that connects the Ink cartridge holder and the main board.
  22. SL-D700 problem hello while cleaning the printer all the lights came on and an error jumped out W-2203 I don't know what to do, the service program only shows the status
  23. Hi am Augustine a noritsu 32 series oparetar,my problem is the machine keep changing colours. After doing daily setup i can get good prints with time colours change.
  24. Double side can be printed on converted standard QSS32 and QSS37. One Chinese company convert them. Do not remember company name, but saw this minilab on Photokina. Do not know who makes double side silver halide paper. Can be that on special order did some Chinese company. Of course can be that paper made Fuji, or Kodak, but do not think they would make small order. Minilab makers doesn't duplex silver halide printers, so paper is not required. About paper can ask company which converts QSS32 and QSS37, or minilab reseller, which sells them.
  25. On any Windows ( even on Windows 10 PRO 64 bits ) can use EZ controller and connection software for QSS32SD. The latest EZ controller - version 7.00. On W10 can work version 6.60 and latter ( 6.70, 6.71, 6.72, 6.80, 6.81, 7.00 ) . There working interface is similar to QSS Kids. To use print driver need updated version, which can work on new Windows. Write private message and I can explain everything about them.
  26. after change AOM R and G - is ballance Y+0,5 M+0,4 C0 D-0,2 it is look as small diference and print are good today morning 8:40 Y+0,1 M+0,2 C0 D+0,1 it is good too I will do tests continuously throughout the day and we will see the results Thanks Zdenek
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