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  2. I recently had to reinstall the OS (system program version D004) on my Noritsu QSS-2301. After reinstalling, the machine doesn't recognize my auto negative masks (ANM). Both the red and greeen lights on the 35mm A carrier are lit. The machine recognizes that there is a carrier ( it reacts when I pull the carrier on and off) but doesn't recognize that I have attached the carrier it's requesting. I noticed in my manual that some machines used an ANM PCB - but my machine does not have that PCB. Does anyone have any experience with this?
  3. hi need to convert my LP7500 to noritsu software?how can i do it thank's

  4. Hello friends, after the exchange and a laser adjustment ( maintenance> extension> maintenance> miscellaneous settings> mechanical printer adjustment> exposure position adjustment ), everything is perfect, thanks to everyone who helped, thanks to everyone who sent private messages with tips!
  5. Last week
  6. Hello, I recently just acquired a V30 RA that I suspect was a conversion. When I power it on I receive the EEPROM data error initialize data Y/N with the only option being N. I can clear the error and everything seems to work fine with the exception of STB 3 getting too hot (~45C). Any ideas how to clear the error. I tried the steps outlined in this post but the options are not available on my machine. TIA Jorge
  7. Please send email yo servicios.tecnomatica@gmail.com Thx
  8. Ciao , mi appare CODICE ERRORE 25 NELLA STAMPANTE kODAK 6800 e non mi fa andare avanti. Ho controllato nella lista degli errori ma non ho trovato nulla a riguardo Mi date per favore un amanao? Grazie
  9. Execute 2260 → Extension → Maintenance → Various Adjustment → Printer Mechanical Adjustment → Paper Sensor Adjustment-F-Paper Sensor LED Light Intensity Adjustment
  10. My machine has suddenly thrown up this error. We have had this previously and seemed to be the zigi zag sensors and has been good since. At that time there was some vibration and shuddering associated with the error. This timeis all smmoth. Have replaced it with another working exposure unit and still have the same error. Have viewed it with door open- paper transports left to right, releases the paper from transport and then the error alarms. The Arm stays on the right side and the paper is loose and doesnt advance. Could it be an issue with the transport deck? I have another transport deck with a faulty sensor to swap parts out, and 3x exposure units- 1 definitely with a faulty zig zag sensor and 2 ok (or were until yesterday)...... Can someone shed some light on this? Many thanks Russell
  11. I am interested . My e-mail fotograf.ps@gmail.com
  12. tks, i will check this with the company that made the repair, thanks for the answers!
  13. Ask your laser head supplier and explain how to solve it. If he sold laser head he has explain how to install and make adjustments.
  14. Sorry but your installation green head laser is Bad.
  15. Good morning people ! I changed the green laser, now I'm making the initial paper adjustment. when doing the black balance, I noticed a deviation (magenta / green) in the horizontal lines, is there any function in the adjustment menu to solve this?
  16. I have recently purchased new paper for the Kodak 8810 printer and discovered I need a firmware update as the paper type has been replaced or improved. My problem is since I have discarded the old ribbon, now I can no longer update the firmware as the machine is not in the 'ready' state as dictated by Kodak instructions. Is there a work around or can somebody supply the old code sticker that is wrapped around the ribbon bobbin (something I can print and apply). Whenever I try to update the firmware it constantly tells me it cannot read the current firmware (to discover current version) so therefore it stops the process. See attached image. I have also attempted to use a work around of sorts by modifying the ini. file in the firmware package to avoid checking the firmware version all to no avail.
  17. I am still scratching my head about F-Di reg failed then I notice the lower paper magazine disappeared. OMG, minilab drive me crazy. Many many thanks for helping.
  18. thank you so much, Minilab service, I learned a lot from you , really appreciate.
  19. Dear forum members, I highly recommend stopping the distribution of the software, which is a gross violation of ownership of the software that belongs to Fujifilm Co.Ltd. You illegally duplicate and sell copyrighted software without the copy owner's permission. Even just purchasing the software can result in a fine.
  20. hola amigo, tendras disponible el manual de diagnostico para la impresora kodak 6800 y 6850, te lo agradeceria si me envías información...mi mail es jcon66@yahoo.com.mx

  21. Hola, podra ayudarme con el manual de diagnostico para la impresora kodak 6850, ya tengo el manual de servicio, pero me falta el de diagnostico, donde pueda ver que causa cada uno de los codigos de error... gracias anticipadas, mi mail es jcon66@yahoo.com.mx

    1. Julio


      olvidaba decirle que mi impresora kodak 6800 marca un codigo paper jam 71, que podra ser ?

  22. Hola marijo, podras proporcionarme el manual de diagnostico de la kodak 6850, tengo el manual de servicio, pero me falta el de dianostico para ver las causas que pueden ser de acuerdo al codigo, te lo agradeceria infinitamente... gracias.... mi mail es jcon66@yahoo.com.mx

  23. muchas gracias Kreja por tu apoyo, tienes algún manual de diagnostico y codigos para la impresora kodak 6850, la que estoy reparando me presenta un en la pantalla el codigo paper jam 71, y en el manual de servicio no encuentro que puede originar ese error, gracias.. mail jcon66@yahoo.com.mx
  24. I just send you service manual.
  25. E-1530 means F-DI device registration failed. Error in registering F-DIA logical output devices (cannot be recovered) (Causes of error message) 1. Use of limited character (^¥@[;:],./!"#$%&'()=~|`{+*}><?) in menu 41I “DI manager Administrative Setting” or 424 “Print Size Setup”. Remove limited characters. 2. Faulty Imaging Controller software. Restart the Imaging Controller. If the trouble is not remedied, reinstall the software. Maybe LPC computer has different name, than it had before, or on LPC you didn't enter correct server name. Also can be that with your server should work different LPC software. Your server software is not typical, so can't tell which software should be on LPC. As I told before on Fuji usually used three applications FDIA, FE, or MS. When used FDIA software on LPC should be installed C4/C5 ( software responsible for communication between LPC and server ) . On typical FDIA the same C4/C5 is installed on server. Might be on LPC you also need to install C4/C5, or software used on your server. More information about FMPC ( other name - LPC ) can find on Frontier Manager Printer Controller INSTALLATION / SERVICE MANUAL ( manual PP3-A1060E ) and on user manual ( PP3-B1212E ) .
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