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  2. thank you for reply, the pump does work, it turns out that the P1r nozel was blocked, I cleaned up the nozzle, and the replenish back to work again. Thank you for help.
  3. Here is topic about not working shutter. You have absolutely different problem, so should start new topic. Can you explain, or to show what you mean when say, that have "lateral line"? Where it is - top, bottom, middle, or some other? Is it wide? Now when see your provided information can't say anything.
  4. Hello. I have dks 1530 and i need to move the printing to left a few mm. Please help.
  5. Why to use so old version ( 2.5.5 - upgrade from version 2.1 ) ? After that for XP where 3.0, 3.1, for W7 32 bit - 4.0, 4.2 and for W10 64 bit - 10.0 .
  6. Hi, I use a Ds1000 daily in my photo lab business. The DS1000 is very reliable mostly but recently we have got lateral line on scanned 135 negs. I have cleaned all accessible parts, etc but the line persists. Can anyone offer any advice as to where this line could be coming from? thanks in advance Matt
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  8. Hi Forum. Does someone have installation cds for MS01 v2.5.5? I need this to set up a VMWare machine to receive images from an old SP3000 scanner. Thanks in advance! DDM
  9. Hi, a Friend of me have bought a used Kodak 6800 Printer, because his old printer is mechanical damaged . He have many print kits, but of the old type (6R 395 2553). With the new firmware the printer show "incorrect ribbon" How to roll back the firmware? Where to get an older version of firmware to use the many print kits? Is it downloadable from the old printer? Torsten
  10. add pure developer to the process cd tank
  11. virgilio 7u7

    570 E

    your paper is expired
  12. @replicolor We had that issue, and follow the process that @Dave S listed above, but if a step fails, repeat it before moving to the next step. During the above problem discovery/investigation/repair, we also found that our color filter wheel was slowly disintegrating and replacing it helped tremendously ((IIRC))
  13. Hi again, my VM works with the MiniLab Thanks again! Are there suggested sizes for C, D and memory configuration in the VM? No idea which size is good for smooth working. And is it possible to connect two instances to the Mini Lab? There must be a different name for the computer for sure... BR Jo
  14. Nothing need connect to fuse F7. Everything what needed already connected there. I just wrote, where this 100 V will be connected. All you need to change is film processor input circuit. Open circuit diagram, which was uploaded for you. There look at page "power source circuit". Few circuits there. You need "single phase two wires" circuit ( 1P2W ) . Need change only terminal connections ( Terminal 1, Terminal 2 and Terminal 3 on circuit. Just connect input circuit as on this picture. Even amateur electrician can do it.
  15. Thanks.... I can only assume your pointing to these earlier comments... ?? With the reply cut short I had to go back through every comment to try and find a match with words. Because the answers have been coming through in bits and pieces its a matter of matching up the bits to find out what to actually get my electrician to do.. Now it appears the answer was here all along but got lost amongst everything else.. **There is nothing wrong with my electrician... he is just being super cautious since he has never worked on one of these machines before Moreso with the misin
  16. Can be bad paper ( old, slightly yellow ) , dirty chemicals, or yellow fogging inside laser unit ( AOM crystal, bad alignment...) . Try with piece of paper close laser output and print any picture. Paper should go out white. If it is not - bad paper, or chemicals. If paper will be white it is yellow fogging in the laser. Just in case try to change AOM driver. If will not help - need repair laser unit.
  17. U Maung Maung

    570 E

    My upkeep paper show Good, cyan magenta and yellow colors are normal but white paper is slightly yellow. please let me know why sir
  18. My upkeep paper show Good, cyan magenta and yellow colours are normal but white paper is slightly yellow. please let me know why sir
  19. Hi Dave S and Minilab Service Trust you are well First i would like to thank you for all the input you have provided - H001 software worked on the Qss3101 - Unlike what i heard - he advice i might "bricked" QSS - due to software issue. I have cut the fiber cable to the image processing pcb - took the whole board out - due to "rubbish" fiber plastic inside the hole; Cut and Reconnected the fibre cable by the arcnet hub - as the laser pcb (on the software communication section was up and down); Everything is back to normal now.
  20. Try Menu → Extension → Maintenance → Various Adjustment → Printer Mechanical Adjustment → Arm Unit 1 Zigzagging Correction Also Exposure Center Correction assuming it's happening on the width of the paper You may want to check the arm is moving up and down smoothly and that the belt pulley bearings are in good condition.
  21. I’m not sure how to correct this issue? can someone advise? thank you! noritsu 32
  22. On ARCNET test software need to choose correct minilab model ( QSS32 SD ) . Check PCI-LVDS/ Arcnet board driver on device manager. If board is OK there - check power supply on switch control pcb. Check ARCNET connections between computer and switch control pcb. At least you should see this board. Do not connect back printer ARCNET cables until without errors see switch control pcb and scanner.
  23. Hi Sir , lot of thanks for the recomendations . After closing the Noritsu software , ran for the self check application on C part of the computer . The first line PCI-LVDS/ Arcnet have this message : PC s Arcnet Control PCB is not installed . Possible causes are : PCB is not installed , Device Driver PCB is not intsalled, Device Driver to control PCB did not process correctly . The last few days after the messages of Arnet communication errors appeared , the properly shutdown ( close down check , F , quit application ) coudnt be done , only could shut down as a normal computer . Today just ch
  24. Stand alone scanner can work on any 32 bit Windows. Here it works on W10 32 bit : https://www.minilabhelp.com/index.php?/forums/topic/25364-dp-1000-workstation-software-on-different-pc/ You will not find driver on Windows update. Licence dongle driver is inside rsystem/drivers/HWKey ( version ) . On computer should be installed Konica software to have it. I have software, update to version 2, drivers and know computer specification, which can be used. On dongle can add new correction options. Write private message, if need something.
  25. This last year I was using my r2s700 scanner from my minilab with the original computer. The computer doesn't not work anymore. I have now a windows XP Pro 2002 (Pentium 4) connect to internet via ethernet with firewire to connect the scanner. I try to install the software for the scanner. When I plug the USB licence (r2s700 49a) to the computer, a window is opening. The helper try to find the software on internet but he doesn't find it. I can't find the driver on Internet. What should I do ?
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