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  2. Really harsh. Instead cable unplug better to open cover, or do something like that. When all stopped can power off ( using power button ) and only after that unplug cable .
  3. Possibility very low. Also through the same cables go signals to laser control pcb and no errors from this board. Signals to laser control pcb go through two pairs of cables and ARCNET hub, but no any errors. Printer control pcb is connected to ARCNET hub directly ( without any cables ) , but have errors. On LPS-24PRO. ARCNET is PCI-LVDS/ARCNET PCB → ARCNET hub port on printer control pcb → other ARCNET hub port on printer control pcb → laser control pcb . In all this circuit ARCNET data are transferred. Missing only communication between ARCNET hub ( on printer control pcb ) and printer control pcb itself .
  4. good morning assil.
    I need the MSP48 software. FOR FUJI DX100
    you could share me
    my email fotoarte4k@gmail.com.
  5. I need Fuji Frontier 330 FC5010 Recovery(ENGLISH VERSION). Anybody help me? please.
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  7. i clean it once a month, clean all pad, rubber arround pad and wiper blade, use q tip or printer cleaner tip, drop the solution with pipet or syringe, i prefer pipet (you can get it from drugstore) to release PH u canuse maintenance software or with harsh way, do Automatic Nozzle Check, when the PH move to the other side, unplug the power cable
  8. Print head can release using service software, or manually ( rotate knob using flat screwdriver ) . When released print head can move where you want. During power on print head returns to initial position.
  9. Is there any chance that the Fiber optics cable core had cracks?
  10. Windex? You mean window cleaner? How often do you do that? How do I park the head elsewhere for such cleaning?
  11. Do not need to discharge. I thought, that board doesn't work at all. If board works and fault is intermittent it can't to help. All what you can do then try to clean ARCNET sensors ( on PCI-LVDS/ARCNET PCB and on printer control pcb ) . Also can trim ARCNET cable ends ( 90 degrees ) . The best to use special cutters ( for example Omron E39-F4 ) . It is strange, that have communication error with printer control pcb, but no errors with laser control pcb. Laser control pcb is connected through ARCNET hub, which is on printer control pcb. That means you have ARCNET connection with hub on printer control pcb, laser control pcb, but do not see board, where is hub. Sometimes this problem can cause ARCNET noise coming from other board, but when you disconnected laser control pcb communication with printer control pcb was not restored. So no communication between PCI-LVDS/ARCNET PCB and on printer control pcb, but have communication between PCI-LVDS/ARCNET PCB and on laser control pcb ( through ARCNET hub, which is on printer control pcb ) .
  12. Can you please tell me how to discharge the board backup capacity?
  13. Unfortunately not, if the emitter has gone dim it will have to be replaced. It only needs one bad emitter to effect the whole fibre optic network.
  14. Yes perhaps you are right but is there any chance to increase the intensity of emitter output? Because the new laser control board which I tried to install, the emitter light output is brighter than coming from printer control and pci arcnet boards.
  15. the pink side, where the PH rest while printer is off, just drop it with PH cleaner or diluted windex, drop it until it's white..don't forget to clean the wiper blade.
  16. the dumping pad, do you mean near the Yellow ink holder side or the Pink Ink Holder side? How do you clean it? Thanks
  17. This problem is often down to weak output from the fibre optic emitters. Compare the brightness of the fibre optic ports (ports with the white ring) any that look dim will likely be the causing the issue.
  18. I had been trying to figure out everything from power supply voltage measurement to cleaning all the connector contact but still there are days that works smoothly without errors and there are days that it has error but restarting the printer so many times it works again
  19. actually. dx100 or sld700 is very robust printer....the secret are, always clean that dumping pad (i don't know what is name), the pad where PH rested, always keeps that clean, and never use power clean more than once. i've seen a lot Sld700 PH last more than 50k prints, and one customer never had to do any cleaning in a year..yes some parts are cheap and easyli dails, but again,they are cheap and easy to find and replace...keeping printer always on ? thst's a bad idea i think, ours always turn off every day and turn it on again the next day and it's fine
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  21. Tomas in his PM told error(s) are intermittent ... it can show up machine can't be used [ or ] machine can be functional for another whole day without errors. that leads me to think about Tomas may be having a bad power supply board or bad connection somewhere ? ? ?
  22. It will be difficult to find something, what doesn't exist. Your model is not correct. Probably you have DL1210 ( if you missed 1 ) , or DL2410 ( if you missed 4 ) .
  23. If you have QSF-V30 then can be added pull - push option. Then can change development time and process B/W and other films. I have software, hardware and can help to do it.
  24. First time hear about DL800. I know only Epson SL-D800 ( in Australia it is SL-D860 ) . SL-D800 is just slightly modified Epson SL-D700 ( the same Fuji DX100 ) . The most parts on both models ( cheap, but not reliable print head, pump which fails often and etc ) . Fuji DE100 just looks similar, but inside is absolutely different printer. DE100 made using Ricoh print head ( similar used on industrial printers ) . Printer not related to Epson at all. There used Fuji, Ricoh and Xerox technologies. Yes, if to use small printers ( Epson SL-D800, or Fuji DE100 ) then need to buy few printers. On printers will be loaded different papers, so photo from one order will be printed on different printers. Printers do not have sorters, so pictures need to sort manually. On SL-D3000 DR , Fuji DL650, DL600 can load two paper rollers, so do not need to change parer very often. Fuji printers have sorters. On SL-D3000 DR sorter is optional ( Epson p.n. C12C815401 ) . Also can be used long print stacker ( C12C890851 ) . On these printers orders will be sorted automatically. On these printers can be changed one print head element. Of course not officially, because Epson and Fuji sell only print head units ( with 6, or 5 elements ) . These printers have more parts, so service not easy as it is on small simple printers. Also these printers more expensive. Only you know what you need and can choose yourself.
  25. DX100 sometimes is very awful, clogged often. The secret is always leave it ON and print print print. 1 day stopped without printing can clog the ph. There are lucky and unlucky printers, sometimes i changed PH at 15.000 prints. Btw DX100 is not producted anymore by Fujifilm and a lot of users said that DE100 is better (better quality parts that last more time and free from errors).
  26. Hi mate thanks for clarifying the printer output, I would otherwise believe on the 950 prints/h and thanks for the explanation. What would you recommend me (in terms of price, quality, capacity and so on), starting with 2 DE100/DL800 or going with a DL650 or similar dual rolls? Cheers
  27. Hey mate yeah that makes sense What are your thoughts on the DX100? Would you recommend it (would be the DE100 I would be getting)? If you were to start with 2 of them, would you rather go with a DL650 or similar dual rolls or 2 DE100? Cheers
  28. Hi mate thanks for your answer Yeah it makes sense and the answer is yes, will be std sizes. One question. Lets say I have a 5R - 127 mm roll loaded in the printer, that means I can print wherever length I want to, right?
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