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  3. Hi Minilab Service, Do you know how can I disable film scanner without it connected? I got ARCNET errors and can't get into F Functions Menu. Is there some way to disable it outside software, by registry or some file modification? thanks
  4. On my Qss32 I have maximum 500mL/m2 pump are you testing ?
  5. Hi Dennis, Standard replenishment amount was at 100 mL/m2 I am going to try to double the replenish rate and see if that helps!
  6. I have 5 QSS 34Pros and i am quite new to taking care of them I have been here for about 2 months. the other 3 people who took care of them are either no longer with the company or have illness. So I'll be asking for lots of help. thank you and sorry in advance!! My morning routine is to run daily setup and then emulsion change and run test print for each paper- 4 machines run 5, 10 lustere and 11 glossy, the other machine just does 10 and 11. One of my machines is taking 3 attempts each morning on each paper to get close to 0, i'll let it run with 2 points total (00-1-1 or 2000) i have noticed its usually the Y that is off the most- -6, -8 those numbers. My thought is to change out the Blue AOM. I run control strips every morning as well and chemistry looks good across all machines. The Printer are not complaining about color so it seems to stay steady through the day. Looking forward to your feedback, also I've get a few other issues I'll be posting about. Thank you!!!
  7. I've got a QSS 34Pro that was getting a puddle right by where the replenishment pumps are every few day, maybe 1/2 cup of solution/ fluid. I smelled and felt it, seemed like water. I finally noticed solution/ fluid on the stabilizer pump and happened to have one and switched it out. Of course soon as i had a minute i took the old one apart- i cannot see anything wrong with it. I took the bellows out and covered the top with my finger and tried to compress it to see if that's where the leak was- nothing. The o ring looks good... I'll be monitoring the new pump for sure. but any thoughts? Cheers, Thanks
  8. We just bought a used HS 1800 - EZ Controller and it's not doing a very good job centering the frames compared to our very old 2901. It's especially bad on under expose film. It has adjustment arrows to center the frame but is has no effect we assume because it's has already scanned the frame? How can we adjust the scanner to more accurately find the frames edges and why have the adjustments in the interface if it's too late.
  9. G channel doesn't work. Go to laser exposure check menu ( 45C ) and look how works G laser head. Can be problem with G laser head, AOM driver, AOM crystal ( many times saw on these minilabs ) , LDD20, AOM20, FMC20 boards, power suppliers, or bad connections.
  10. Have service software and service manual. Write private message, if need them.
  11. You are welcome.I suggest you make a backup first, if you do not have original settings saved.
  12. Is your not fogged paper white? Now you have changes only on Blue channel ( only Y changes ) . This instability can cause B AOM driver, AOM crystal, laser head, or something else.
  13. Hello, i want to buy software for fuji dx 100 for reset .Regard. photomulticolor@orange.fr
  14. Hi , I have D1005 HR , it's almost impossible, black ink is little used and others pour out differently only from price of paper but service is expensive , head - end of the machine 7000 USD 🙂 🙂 it seems to me that the payback of the machine is impossible
  15. Hi, the problem is back 😞 I have set Paper temperature correction and today at 15:27 temperature 26,3 Y -1,1 M -0,1 C 0 D -0,3 now colleague told me it's a new roll of paper - in the morning we will see the values
  16. Hello, we are thinking to buy a Green IV. I am calculating the cost per print size. I was looking on Google but not be able to find a list. Is there anyone on this forum who calculated the cost price already? And like to share it with me ? Thanks a lot in advance. Clicks
  17. no more .. file disappeared in my crashed harddisk 8 months ago... sorry
  18. Check all the connection unit Laser to LDD board
  19. Guys all get is this. I did all the settings g and set up in can think of.
  20. Oh. It's a frontier 370 than I'm using but the new laser unit might be from a 390 machine.
  21. I recently put it a new laser unit . And AOM'so. This is all the results I get when I try to do condition set up.
  22. From service mode can make power head cleaning or power head cleaning 2 .
  23. I have a noritsu d701 and i have a issue. When i preform a nozzle check a few of the yellow lines are missing. I have preformed several head cleans via the computer software but the issue remains. I had a engineer come out to attempt to clean the heads using a cleaning solution on some small pads but this did not work. Does anyone have any recommendations of what to try next, is there a cleaning solution that can be purchased and used to better cleaning the printer head? Many thanks
  24. Hey, So when turning the circuit breaker on i'm getting an error to input chemicals which sounds the alarm, but when pressing and holding yes and no the alarm doesnt cut out. But when i hold the light button the light goes off so i'm not sure if my keyboard is defected now. Also, when actually turning the proper power on, the screen displays motor drive error (40) and there is a clicking coming from the cogs in the top of the machine by the rollers, possibly the cogs are ceased up / slightly crystilized. Does anyone have any contacts for somebody to give the machine a service? Many thanks in advance.
  25. Hello, do you still have the file for 3D printing? If yes, can you email it to me ?
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