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  2. someone who has the QSS-kids software in advance thanks
  3. From 330 can use only if there installed newer computer - FC7011, FC7010, FC5011 or FC5010. On Fuji 330 also can be used FC2011, FC2010. On these computers can be installed only old software version ( 2.0 ) , so can't use them on 340. There are two minilab resellers near from Hamburg. They had disassembled 330 with FC7011. Not sure they still have computers. Have ask yourself. I think you know them. If not - write private message and I give their contacts. Used FB6GM-L-14 ( price about 115 EUR + 26 EUR shipping ) found on Ebay. About board and "expedited shipping" need to ask seller.
  4. is the PC from an frontier 330 working on 340?
  5. Thank you it is very Important because i have a Photo Shop and cant make Picture can you send me the link from the motherboard and if there any complete Pc it is also ok
  6. Probably will not find motherboard in Europe. Yes, they available from China, South Korea and USA. The cheapest offer is from China. Used FB6GM-L-14 is about 115 EUR + expedited shipping ( about 26 EUR ) . Hope this "expedited shipping" means express delivery and it would be fast. In Europe can find to buy only whole Fuji 340 computer. Computer price - about 500 EUR. Can ask minilab resellers in Germany, Poland, or some other countries. Might be have disassembled Fuji 340. On Fuji 340 can be used FC7011, FC7010 ( the same computer - just less RAM ) , FC5011 ( older model ) and FC5010 ( older model, less RAM ) . If to use FC5011 ( FC5010 ) then need use other recovery CD ( for FC5011 ) .
  7. The same as with all other Fuji printers - on menu with print channels ( MS01 maintenance menu ) .
  8. do you know how to change or setup the paper size in fuji frontier dl430 with MS01 software
  9. where can i buy i am from austria, i find only some in china or usa?
  10. Correct motherboard model is Ricoh FB6GM - LF . It is standard FB6GM with LAN and customized BIOS ( for Fuji ) . Can buy standard Ricoh FB6GM ( FB6GM-L, FB6GM-LS, FB6GM-L-14 ) and change BIOS chip. L means LAN, S- Sound. LAN is not necessary - better to use PCI- LAN card ( with 1 GB speed ) .
  11. I have a Fuji Frontier 340 and my FC7011 died so I need a Motherboard FB6GM is there anyone sell such a board?
  12. all gents will advise you to do the same thing if they read your post earlier than me .. nothing special.
  13. Bingo!. Fished the old ribbon out of the trash and rewound it, futzed around and did both available updates and it is back in action. Thank you for the heads up. David is definitely worthy of the Members of Merit badge! 👍 Thanks again, George
  14. Does printer still recognize old ribbon? IF YES, Try find Latest firmware, download and install..most people will advise you to do same thing FIRST .... I bet..
  15. dear Minilabtechnician . can you send me kodak 7000,8810 and 605 printer repair manual. Marcolbarros@yahoo.com.br
  16. Hello, I have an Apex system with a 7000 printer. Ran out of paper and installed a 166-1925 paper/ribbon pack and printer says incorrect ribbon. I shut off printer and let it initialize again as well as shut off system and restarted with the same issue. Any ideas? Thank you for any insights, George
  17. Hi, Please send me the Epson D700 service software. My email address is gugulakhe.sibiya@gmail.com.
  18. Got this problem when print fonts/ white background picture. Tried to print same files on other frontiers and the results are okay no problem.
  19. still available? i have jincheng carrier jcst carrier have anything?
  20. I hope you resolved this but if not we had a pakon that did that and it was a dirty sensor issue. It required the base of the unit to be removed to get to the offending sensor to clean it. It wasnt difficult, just a bit fiddly. Unfortunately I no longer have the pictorial guide on how to do it, but maybe a trawl of google will throw it up.
  21. You're welcome, I'm glad everything is working now. Thanks for taking the time to come back with your findings, and to say thanks! It's always nice to have a finalised end to a forum thread
  22. I found a loose wire in the serial connector that plugs into the computer. Now it works fine. Thanks for all of the help everyone!
  23. Dear copyright-protection, please advise your legal status - Are you part of Fujifilm Company? Or part of legal company that represent them? Who are you? On which behalf are you posting above statements? If you do not come up with your legal status, I am assuming that you are just someone who already stole "the software" and try make more profit by cleaning the competition. Let me also remind you (as lawyer to lawyer - assuming you are such one) that posting anonymous treats over the internet is also punishable by law in many countries
  24. Install MS19 ( optional MS software module ) and you can print ID.
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