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  2. Few software versions can be used with this minilab - standard, DLS and PRO. Write private message, if want more information
  3. There is no such Noritsu model of that number that I'm aware of. What kind of machine is it?
  4. What you want to know about it? If you decide to buy this film processor I have full set of FP232 .pdf manuals ( user, service, instillation, part list, electrical diagram ) . Also have software for CN16Q and CN16L process ( EPROM content, English version ) .If want to get more information about this film processor can ask on private message.
  5. Hello on this forum ,please somebody Can help me whit a software for KPT750SM ans manual installation vivianedjukui@gmail.com
  6. Network Export is folder name on all MS software versions. What is the difference how this folder is named? If you do not like this name create folder shortcut and can give any name for this shortcut.
  7. Yes, Fuji boards are expensive. Have test image box, CTL23 and LDD23 on other minilab. Can test on Fuji 550, 570, 5500R and 5700R. If it is impossible call service engineer with these parts. He put into your minilab and can find which board really doesn't work.
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  9. My SP500 currently is exporting photos (after selecting "Quick Print") to a folder called "Network Export" on the D drive. Is there anyway to change this? I've looked through all the settings and couldn't find an option to setting this to a custom folder.
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  11. Hello, today I tested the battery installed in the gpr23 and it only provides 2.8 volts with the machine on, should I change the battery, or the whole gpr23 board? I have also noticed something, when the frontier 570 was turned on before, a sound like a "clack" was heard, I suppose from some relay, but now it is not heard. It is very difficult for me to test PCB card, and I would like to go to the insurance if I have to buy some because its very high price.
  12. dumidumi

    Fuji FP232 Manuals

    Hello! I'm looking to buy a Fujifilm FP232 but first I would like to learn all about it. I'm looking for scanned manuals (both user and service) and general details about the machine. Thank you! Matei
  13. When GPR23 doesn't work minilab doesn't start. Battery is on this board. This is rechargeable 3 V battery ( 2430 type ) . Look which voltage you have when minilab is powered. If even then voltage is too low try replace it. CTL23 has reset button. Can try to reset it. If will not help you need test box, cTL23 and LDD23 on other minilab, or try replace boards on your minilab.
  14. Hello, can you give me your email and I will give you some manuals of the 570 that I have, it is almost the same.
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  16. Thanks for your answer, I already put another RAM, but the problem remains the same
  17. Hi Minilab service, thanks for your reply. I have checked the power sources, everything seems fine. Unfortunately, in my country -Guatemala- there are only 1 more Frontier 580 kms away. It is almost impossible to test the cards, I must tell you that this error occurred some times, after discounting the electricity, it restarted well, but there was a day that it did not restart. The battery in the image box card has 2.73 volts, could be the cause of the problem?
  18. Hello. Look power suppliers. If power supply is on and working internal fan should rotate ( small fan inside power supply, where connected a.c ) . When PS1 doesn't work then minilab doesn't start and LCD is blank. If power suppliers will be working then can be faulty some board inside image box, LDD23, or CTL23. When GPR23 doesn't work minilab doesn't start and usually see FRONTIER with 8 dots. The same error can cause LDD23, CTL23. Also have check GMC23, GPR23, ATX23, GMD23. If have other minilab can swap the whole GMB box. If faulty GMB then one by one try to test RAM and boards.
  19. I need a driver too. Could you please share it with me? Thank you very much.
  20. Hi everyone. I have a Frontier 570, yesterday I turned it on and it did not start, I disconnected it and it worked fine, then it started but it froze several times, I had to disconnect it. Today I turned it on again and it does not start, in any way, I already cleaned the CTL23 and the GMC23, everything seems fine, but the machine does not start in any way. 40e7f4d8-ce63-47dd-8542-fcba27993e50.jfif
  21. If you have QSS3501 then latest system software version is 12.0. All versions are for Windows 2000 PRO. The latest version can be installed on Windows XP, but do not see reason why to use it. Windows 2000 PRO Embedded ( installed from recovery CD ) is more stable, than Windows XP. QSS3501 has older laser ( B has AOM driver ) , so white balance adjustment menu not used there. On QSS3501 can print from external computer, where installed EZ controller. To EZ controller can connect QSS3101-1 and all latter ( QSS32, QSS33, QSS34, QSS35 ) . Then can print pictures even from W10 x64 PRO. On internal minilab computer will be old Windows, but this computer will be only for maintenance and for scanner ( if you have it ) . If want scanner can convert to USB, connect to EZ controller directly and scan from new computer. Write private message, if want to get more details.
  22. I have the same problem. Did you manage to solve something?
  23. I'm assisting my friend to get the manual. I think he should want it to work properly. By the way know how to clean and do maintenance thank you very much @ Tecnor Thay will be great !! Thank you !!
  24. Morris do you need part list or manual service ??
  25. Slightly off topic but related to this discussion. I have a Noritsu 3501. It's the earlier non-plus version so it doesn't use EZ Controller. I was wondering if there is any newer software that gives me these same improvements? Am I stuck with Windows 2000 on this machine?
  26. Most of the QSF-450L-2 spare parts had been discontinued by Noritsu Japan. Feel free to ask.
  27. yes, have a thick HARD copy parts list with several broken pages. Two decades ago ! what information you're looking for ?
  28. Minilab service

    Frontier LP5700

    Thermostat was on message. I named it sensor ( protection sensor, or thermostat ) .
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