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  2. hope 1 year ago Studio01 read your reply..
  3. Where you see W-6101 error - on maintenance utility, or on MS01? Did you try to remove printer from MS01? If see error on maintenance utility then might be this software has some error and it doesn't allow to work without sorter. If error see on maintenance utility try to do these steps : Disable sorter and disconnect it. Turn off printer Connect printer to other computer. There install only maintenance utility ( better use different version ) . Driver will be updated and firmware loaded on printer. Register printer on maintenance utility. Look do you see missing sorter error, or not. If see error - it is some Fuji software bug. Software gives sorter error - even if sorter disabled. If do not see error - try upgrade to version 3. Look what will be after that. If no error - try connect to original computer and check there. On older Fuji dry printers ( DL4xx - printers made by Noritsu ) sorters can be disabled. There is sorter disabled on maintenance utility utility then no any errors. Didn't try to do it on DL6xx ( printers made by Epson ) . DL650 is Epson SL-D3000 DR with sorter. Sorter on Epson SL-D3000 DR ( double roll printer ) and SL-D3000 SR ( the same single roll printer ) is optional. Most Epson printers work without sorter. If Epson branded printer works without sorter Fuji branded printer should work also.
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  6. Flatcable exposure head first thing i should replace
  7. You have a dongle issue and jou can only reattach it to the parallel Port. Of hou replace it ithas to be written with the right code Kis uses otherwise it will not work. Try to reattach and restart pc.
  8. Is your filterdisk in a good positioning ? Or when you go into tec modus jou can check your lamp , with this youknow of the issue is in powersupply or filterdisk. Best regards, Wallie
  9. I am using Maintenance utility System Software 3.0 I have disabled the sorter menu 012. I shut down the printer and unplug the sorter cable for the back of the printer. When I turn the printer back on I get Error W-6101. When I click OK on the error the printer reboots and comes back with the same error. In the Manual it says Error W-6101 is "Sorter connection error" The Sorter Motor is not detected. To resolve it it says 1. Check if the Sorter Motor is installed properly. 2. Check the connection between the Sorter Motor and the Sorter Relay Board. 3. Replace the Sorter Motor with a new one. (P. 343) 4. Replace the encoder cable between the Conveyer Motor and the Sorter Relay Board with a new one. 5. Replace the Mecha Controller Board with a new one. (P. 163) 6. Replace the Sorter Relay Board with a new one. (P. 352) I just want to remove the whole sorter! Do I need to Enable the sorter and then disconnect it? Or am I missing something else.
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  11. The same recovery CD is for FC5010 and FC5011. Here the same computer - different only RAM amount. On recovery CD only one file with extension .pqi - Norton Ghost file. To make bootable recovery CD you need not .pqi file itself, but recovery CD image file ( for example .iso ) . If you have ,iso file you can use it to create bootable CD. If you have only .pqi file then use Norton Ghost software to boot computer. Then you can use .pqi file to restore computer. Norton Ghost 11.5.1 can find on Hiren's boot CD version 10.6. Norton Ghost software ( full version ) has possibility to make bootable CD. Then can make bootable CD with .pqi file.
  12. I forgot to mention, you need to confirm the actual temperature in the tank matches what the machine is displaying. If there are bad connections on the thermosensors the display will read lower than the actual tank temperature. With regard to better specs I was thinking of, if for example you can’t find a 2A 240V SSR it would be fine to use a 3A 250V SSR instead. The control voltage will need to be in a similar range of 3-5V DC though, anything than needs a switching voltage above 5V DC will not switch on the SSR in this application. (3-32V is fine in your linked SSR). The ones in your links look OK though they are a bit thicker compared to the original, so you may need to bend the other SSR’s on the board to create space for them. Like I said it’s extremely rare for these SSR’s to fail in the completely off state, all the failures I have encountered have been the SSR not switching off properly causing the solution temperature to go too high. In 99% of the no power going to the heater faults the cause is not the SSR.
  13. w 2408 paper jam 1 and then auto loding failed
  14. please can any body help auto loding failed naging me i clean all senseors and cutter
  15. FC5011 recovery file is copied to my hard disk but I can't make bootable disk with this file.How do I install FC5011 recovery file on Frontier 330? If anyone knows of an easy way to install please tell ...The details of the file that I have on my hard disk- 1 PIC FILE, FILE FORMAT-.PQI, FILE SIZE-581 MB
  16. FC5011 recovery file is copied to my hard disk but I can't make bootable disk with this file.How do I install FC5011 recovery file on Frontier 330? If anyone knows of an easy way to install please tell ...The details of the file that I have on my hard disk- 1 PIC FILE, FILE FORMAT-.PQI, FILE SIZE-581 MB
  17. What is DL650 system software ( maintenance utility ) version? Sorter need disable on 012 menu. After disconnection should see that sorter is not attached. On maintenance interface shouldn't see any error. If have not errors on maintenance utility, but have error on MS01 try from MS01 remove printer and add again. Maybe after that all work.
  18. D2W202LD18 is SSR, zero cross switching type, 240 V ( peak 600 V ) , 2A , control 3 - 6 V ( on circuit it is 5V ) . Dimensions 43 x 20 x 9 mm , pinout pin 1 and pin 2 -a.c. , pin 3 control + , pin 4 control - . Distance between control pins - 5 mm, distance between a.c. pins - 10 mm, distance between pin 2 and pin 3 - 12.5 mm . Use any SSR with the same, or similar specification. Can be better specification ( higher voltage, bigger current, wider control range ( for example 3 - 15V ) , dimensions ( different size with similar spacing ) and other. If on control pins you have control voltage ( about 5V ), SSR output is connected well but you have not voltage on heater then SSR is not working. If to short SSR output pins on heater should be voltage. Can be that one SSR output pin is not connected well ( bad soldering, broken track ) . Then even if SSR is good heater will not get voltage.
  19. That is not the case at this end, its hard to find electronic supply stores let alone something this specific used 25 years ago...
  20. most electronic shops have SSR... around me
  21. Thank you, Digikey is a no go and I have come across the mouser earlier today by my camera repair friend. please define "better Specs" is any of these going to work? https://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Crydom/D2W203F-11/?qs=%2Fha2pyFaduhoQVx8%2FTsuHELF9coA59hRntvkN13MFl8%3D https://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Crydom/D2W202F/?qs=%2Fha2pyFaduj9Y8VsiqBHf4Qoy4d6q0xWIuiCM1Kp9h4%3D I talked with their tech support and he just gave me a generic answer of not 100% compatible and not recommended, but I think these Are qualified as better, right ? I am not too worried about their pin alignment at this pint, my machine is down and I am not about to spend 1K for an unknown condition board off of ebay or else and rather solder a few components. Thank you>
  22. I have a DL650, but I have no use for the sorter and would like to remove it from the machine to free up space. I have used the maintenance utility to disable the sorter, but when I disconnect the server the DL650 gives me a error on bootup saying that the sorter is not connected. It will not let me move past this error. It forces the printer to reboot and I get the same error.
  23. Digikey or Mouser Electronics should have something, just make sure the electrical specifications are the same or better and that the pin spacings match.
  24. Thank you Dave, I do take the heater out for a 5-10 seconds and not any more. The temps on fix1 and fix2 do not rise above room temp so my thermo sensor or the connector may be faulty. All the wiring is triple checked with all the connector labels and no mismatch here, if I ever swap them around I do them one at a time and put them back immediately etc. I haven't taken the Power pcb out yet, its a great lookin board but I get the idea, I have another batch of films to process and also trying to find some SSR's at the mean time. Then I will take the board out and look for soldering issues and if not then I can replace the SSR's. Do you know any electronic company, in USA preferably, for getting the SSR's ??? Thanks
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  26. I really don't recommend you test the heaters outside of liquid, if the heater gets too hot the thermal fuse will blow inside the heater and you will have to replace the heater. S-Thermo Activated means the safety overheat thermostat in the float switch has detected the liquid is above around 42 C, in this condition it will switch off the heaters. If the liquid is not this hot, it will be a problem with the float switch or a bad connection on the wiring for the float switch. Check the thermo sensors, or float switches in the Fix1 and Fix2 tanks have not got swapped around. Check the circulation pumps are operating normally. Have you taken the Power 1 PCB off and checked the solder joints on the SSR's?
  27. So I checked them in output mode, CD and stab are all good, Fix 1 out put check works cause I pulled the heater out and could feel it warming up, Fix2 out put check you can hear the relays but no heat on the heater, I switched this heater briefly with Fix 1 and activated the out put check and it heats up, so I know that I have a working heater. But, here is the kicker, both Fix 1 and Fix 2 do not heat up when in normal operation mode all others, CD BL And STB work normal. So while Fix 1 works on output check, it doesn't work normally. and Fix 2 does NOT work on output check and does not work normally but has a good working heater. I am trying to understand the scenario that Fix 1 works on out put check and not normally ???? And on top of these now I have a new issue, when in warmup mode after a few minutes I get 023-3 Fix 2 error, SOLN. S_THERMO ACTIVATED and can not clear the error ???? I am leaning towards failed SSR's on both Fix1 and Fix2, Your thoughts is appreciated. "Dave" and "minilab services" and everyone else please. Rick
  28. My QSS Green is printing lines on 4x6, 5x7s. and all other smaller print sizes, but not on the 8x10s. Nozzle Check pattern printout looks fine. Has anyone else had this issue?
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