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  2. Then have replace board. Board can be repaired, but outside minilab and using special equipment. Few times I repaired these boards and they work after that.
  3. Can you open QSS-Printer from Windows startup menu? If can't - make default computer LAN settings ( IP, mask 255. 255. 255. 224 , no gateway ) , connect computer and minilab directly ( use crossover cable ) and then run recovery utility ( NPIPLVUP ) .
  4. ok thats right .. i will send the imagens do not stay in line starts right and then gets lost
  5. You will not get any help until explain normally what kind of stripes you have. Impossible to understand something, when read your text. You said stripes are horizontal, but you didn't tell paper movement direction ( for example horizontal stripes are on 15 x 21 size photo, but it can be printed on 15 cm width paper, or on 21 cm width paper. Stripes can be in the middle, side of paper, can be one stripe, or few of them. You didn't explain anything.
  6. we have a tecnic of minilab , but he try to solve this problem , but he cant take solve this ,, everything did in the machine . dont work out i believe something like update .. but i dont found anything about that ...
  7. this horizontal and in all the papers, I have already done everything that is fit but did not arrange like photos 20x30 cm is after the fourth copy and completely out of whack tks for answered;; do you have anything to do with an update because of the usage time?
  8. Because the printer is not communicating I can't go back to the machine specification again. Should I try putting a new I/F PCB will it work?
  9. Where you have these white stripes? At the same place on different papers? What is direction ( vertical, or horizontal ) ?
  10. Do you remember, which address was there - default settings, or IP or mask where changed? Try to open minilab specification and enter values, which where before. If you have minilab backup made when all worked you can restore loading it. To check connectivity with minilab can run EZ controller testing tool. There minilab IP can be scanned automatically. Also check computer LAN settings ( IP and mask ) , connect minilab and computer directly ( without hub - used crossover LAN cable ) .
  11. With the problem of photos with white fillets after the 100 copies, someone is already there noritsu 3001
  12. I bought a used 3801g and after setting it up everything was fine until I mistakenly deleted the IP address from the machine specification area and now the printer not communicating with the EZ CONTROLLER and I have done everything to bring it back but it is not working what should I do please help me
  13. If all three anti dust fans rotate, but have error then check fan rotation sensors. Look levels on F620, F621 and F622 connectors ( pin 3 ) . There should see changes, when fan stopped and when fan rotate. Hold fan ( do not allow to rotate ) and then release. You should see changes on pin 3. If rotation sensors work, but still have error then check connectors. Rotation sensors are connected to PDC13 pin 1, 4 and 7 ( there signals from F622, F621 and F620 ) . If all OK, but still have errors then faulty PDC20, CTL20, or some connector on them.
  14. Yesterday
  15. Yes the fan is rotating but it reads laser unit on the printer itself and says anti dust fan malfunction on the computer.
  16. Hello does anybody still sell parts fro D-carrier ? I have PP 401 FUJI minilab with GPE carrier i need this board in attachment - can you provide ? Led carrier is J type.
  17. Hello i have PP 401 FUJI minilab with GPE carrier i need this board in attachment - can you provide ? Led carrier is J type.
  18. Thank you so much... I got an engineer in the end 🙂 thank you!
  19. On Fuji 370 minilab ( LP2000 printer ) error E-2502 can cause : Missing power supply on fan (F620/F621/F622) . Anti-dust fan (F620/F621/F622) malfunction. Fan has power supply, but doesn't rotate. Rotating sensor malfunction. Fan rotates, but no level changes from fan rotation sensor. Connection error or disconnection between anti-dust fan(F620/F621/F622) and PDC13 on PDC20 circuit board Circuit protector F4 on PDC20 circuit board trip PDC20 circuit board malfunction CTL20 circuit board malfunction
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