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  2. drytech

    Fuji SP3000 3D masks

    IMO the mask must be made of metal. 3D metal printer exists but the custom-made mask will be VERY EXPENSIVE. So better to buy the used ones on ebay.com
  3. Jason_

    Fuji SP3000 3D masks

    Has anyone tried to print 3D copy of the Fuji Sp3000 masks?
  4. Last week
  5. Dave S


    What is the model number of your machine? What is the problem you are having with the d-ICE board? Any error numbers?
  6. I have made it, i have changed printer head to an epson and it works, you need only the software from fuji
  7. I have problems with my d_ice board, it's working with one machine, but refuses to another. How can solve this situation.
  8. Hello, did you solve your problem? I have faced with similar one recently(
  9. A Frontier 370 does not shut down after I do post operation check on FMPC II computer. As long as the FMPC II pc is ON the Led on FMA20 is also ON and printer restarts on shutting down. What could be cause?
  10. thank you for reply. problem solved. it was the cable.
  11. kamikaza

    No power to IPU

    you must use the same network card (original) with the IPU and on the MPU you must set the ip address to 192.168.64. 1 for a network that goes from MPU to IPU
  12. Do not understand your question. This is international forum, so if you want to get answers write your questions in English.
  13. TECNOR


    Write in english please.
  14. Svp j'ai besoin du raccourci clavier pour accéder au menu du qss 3301 avec winn 2000 comme système d'exploitation
  15. J un souci avec le message le message 6901-2000, erreur de communication arcnet. Circuit imprimé de contrôle D-Ice
  16. Do you have many rolls to scan or just one?. Sometimes it does not pay to take a job that is too much work with little or no profit.
  17. Jason_

    IM1500 price

    Sell, SCSI, IM1500 normal (not pro).
  18. davidlam

    IM1500 price

    BUY or SELL ?,,,,, IM1500 USB or Non-USB ? ,,,,, IM1500 normal or IM1500 PRO ? After your reply I TRY to check . . .
  19. Est-ce que je peux obtenir de l'aide pour installer une fuji dl650 ?

  20. Jason_

    IM1500 price

    How much working IM1500 with 135 and APS carriers is worth?
  21. Qss 3501 PLUS is network printer. To use it need system software, EZ controller, profile data and optional modules. Instead EZ controller can use printer driver, but it would be real pain. From print driver can print few photo ( for example from Word, Excel and etc ) , but do not work all day.
  22. QSS-3501 plus need diferent softwares Ez controller Qss-Printer Profiles Optionals softwares
  23. Thanks for your reply. I'm about to check it next week so I'll know more. Your message is very helpful! Where can I get a software if I'd like to upgrade it? Any website where I can find full operation+service manuals?
  24. Hello erveryone. I will be glad if anyone helps me with Qss 3501 plus system software or printer driver. Thank you all.
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