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  2. Hello. EZ controller is universal software. There can be connected Noritsu minilabs, dry printers, USB scanners, some Fuji, Epson and DNP equipment. Your choice where to use it. Any EZ controller can use with printer, or without it. On W10 can use EZ controller version 6.60, 6.70, 6.72 and 6.80. I have all of them. All they can work with dongle, or without it. EZ controller is just working interface. To connect something have install system software. This software has support W10 also. For example - to connect Noritsu scanners to W10 you need system software version 7. On EZ controller can be installed many optional modules ( for example Digital Masking for scanner , Red eye correction software and many other ) . Have them also. Write private message, if really need some software. Tell what you going install, what have yourself and what need from me.
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    Hello, I have the mini lab FUJIFILM DL600 with MS01 3.1 the little issue i do have right now is that i want to remove the date on the prints , i the past does not appears but right now it does appear i guess i pressed something that i dont know what was it. So if u guys can please help me out i will appreciate it.
  5. Error 006-01 - pressure sensor error. In the film processing, when the loading cover was closed after detecting the leader card, the pressure sensor was CLOSE. Check the pressure sensor status by input check and look does the film cartridge holder operate. Error can cause pressure sensor, loading unit, main control pcb, power pcb 2. This error can be on any QSF-T15. If didn't see Noritsu QSF-T15F then maybe saw Fuji FP150SC . These film processors are the same - just different painted. Both for replenishment use Fuji replenishment cartridges ( can be used replacements made by many other companies ) . T15 can be these models : QSF-T15 , QSF-T15-50 , QSF-T15F , QSF-T15SM , QSF-T15SM-50 , QSF-T15LV , QSF-T15LV F , QSF-T15LV SM and Fuji FP150SC .
  6. Maintenance software should see printer. If not - you can't use it. Can try two maintenance software - for SL-D700 and for DX100. When have all backups can load any software. If all work latter can return to Fuji software and load backups there.
  7. Epson SL-D700 printer driver doesn't need any key. Just install, connect printer and can use it. The latest printer driver - version 3.8.0 . Additionally on computer can load Epson SL-D700 profiles for most popular papers.
  8. Try to use the maintenance software to rewrite the firmware to the machine again.
  9. Hi you have to use the service software for the re write the firmware to the machine again.
  10. Yes its De100 compare to Dx100 more reliable and error free printer
  11. Well please do a nozzle print and upload the file
  12. Thank you for reply.. finally we found one used one locally although a broken lock & slide tray, thank you anyway
  13. please tell error code(s) shown up so we all may help. T15F model name is not in our service region and out of my knowledge (my problem)
  14. My personal opinion... Sorry to hear that you met the most awful things that Power failure during updating firmware .. Perhaps ONLY Epson factory can recover.. DX-100 model is built by Epson too for Fujifilm company PM me your $$ budget /country you're from....so perhaps I can find you one 2nd hand (DX-100 main board ) from a retired / Idle DX-100 with bad print head.. hope still available
  15. no way to communicate with the printer with epson software. maybe there is a procedure, a series of operation, that allows the initial connection with the printer, and then the wrinting of a new firmware. maybe the service manual could describe that. in any case, it's not convenient for me to change the original firmware with the epson one. furthermore I couldn't find the fuji firmware, so my hopes for a self-fix seem unlikely. thanks anyway, and still hoping and waiting that someone has a solution.
  16. Last week
  17. T15f that had just started leaving little scratch on film, took out loading section, cleaned and now I’m receiving pressure sensor error. I got it to work but it would not detect loading cover open and start pulling leader card as soon as I set it before closing door. Took back out to fix this and now it’s back to receiving pressure error , though it does now recognize when film door is open. Any advice or tips on how to fix this error ?
  18. Sono giorni che il test della carta che ogni mattina si esegue in automatico sui livelli dei neri, grigi ecc ... Invece di venirmi corretti mi tutti tutti BLU .. E non mi fa fare più il test del PBL ... cosa posso fare ? Sono davvero in crisi perché ho un attività e non riesco a risolvere
  19. you're so kind to write such a really fast answer! I will try in the next days and then I'll keep up to date with the result, 'cause someone else might be interested. thank you very much! anyway, I'm waiting for other suggestions too!
  20. Hello everyone, i have the Gretag MK4 on my photographic studio
  21. hello everybody! I have a Fuji Frontier-S DX100 and I had to reinstall drivers, and as you know, at the end of the procedure, the installer software updates the printer firmware too. unluckily in the same very moment an issue occur with electricity, and the printer stays with all lights always on, as if it was in the middle of the firmware update, and does not communicate anymore through the USB connection. does anybody know a way to rewrite the firmware? I hope that someone will be so kind to give me some help and solve this situation. thanks!
  22. Do not buy anything using Kodak SM replenishment - chems no longer available
  23. Sir m/c have an error W-P0-1823 How to solve?? Plz tell me...
  24. First what you should on this forum start new topic about ARCNET problem on QSS3702 HD . Press green button where see "Start new topic" . Only there can answer all your questions. This topic is about QSS3202.
  25. Hello, i have been using 3702 HD before i move it to another place, i tried to power it up again but the error (6901 Arcnet communications error) face me. what can i do for that error
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