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  2. @matber Did you ever end up buying that SP3000?
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  4. You have no problems with chemicals. Red AOM-driver is faulty.
  5. Cheers for the quick response. If you had to guess, would you say its CD or BF?
  6. I would say you've done something wrong in your chemical mixing. There is not a good black so the paper is not being developed properly.
  7. Hey guys. I recently emptied all our chemicals and made a new batch, not the first time I've done this, except when i try do an initial setup i get a setup error 6082-0113 and the print is coming out red instead of white/gray/black as shown in the image. Much appreciated.
  8. If your willing would you be able to send that all to me? I'm looking for MS01 and MS11 if possible!
  9. from service manual, software error code up to no. 219 (or 255 max.). No. error 263 was in the book . . . BUT I have no doubt you have an error 263 "DMA" could mean [ Direct Memory Access ] . . . They are many RAMs standing on PCB-100 Suggestions : 1) clean all RAM contacts, reseat RAMs 2) dust clean all PCB-100, 200 & 300 on top of printer.. check outputs from the metal shoe box power supplies at the printer back. Good Luck ! Good LUCK to Servmanmex . . . . . Are you from Mexico ? ?
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  11. Hello Benny, you found a solution to the problem with replenish pumps?
  12. someone who can help me with this problem
  13. Last week
  14. That is the reason why you see this message. You turned on computer manually. After some time minilab try to turn on your computer. Computer is already working, so power button would turn off computer. Noritsu software doesn't allow to do it and you see this message. Turn on minilab and do not turn on computer. After some time computer will be powered automatically and you will not see this message.
  15. On FP363SC can process 110, 120, 126, 135, 220 and 240 films.
  16. First check chemicals. Take piece of paper and keep it on the light. After that run it through processor. If after processor it will be blue then developer is bad. Before CD replacement check temperatures, replenishment rates and pumps and circulation in working tanks.
  17. Hi, I'm considering getting FP363SC on ebay. I wonder it works for 120mm and 135mm.
  18. davidlam

    blue instead black

    Frontier 550 . . . I think. HE spoke before.
  19. you dont provide enough information....what type is your minilab etc
  20. spenz

    blue instead black

    my minilab is printing blue instead black anyone can advise me how to fix the color
  21. Do you usually turn on computer manually, or you wait until minilab turns on it?
  22. I turn it off and try to turn it on and it doesn't turn me on just the processor turns on but the computer stays off
  23. I am the one who works and does not touch the shutdown button, it is something strange, working at the moment the message comes out, it will be that the power button is defective or please help me
  24. You see this message, when Noritsu software is working and someone press computer Power button. Also can be, that minilab tried turn on computer remotely, when computer really is turned on.
  25. I got the message and the computer doesn't turn me on, what do I have to do to get it up?
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