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  2. Hi, thanks for responding. Levels are up. Float sensors seam to be clicking when manually tripped. Got a tip that the battery was shot that keeps the program. Hot wired a 3.6 v in today and is holding time and date. Turn switch to on. Reverse breaker kicks on pumps. It starts up and within 4-5 seconds breaker kicks out and pumps shut down and screen goes back to program timer with switch still on. Weird.
  3. Search Fuji 323G03603 ( belt for N2, N3-1 and N3-2 racks ) . I see for sell and it has 62 teeth.
  4. When black is blueish then developer is weak. Try to add a little developer directly into working tank. If will not help - replace CD.
  5. Hello, I have a Fuji Film FP563SC and the belt for the N3 Rack just snapped recently. I've found someone on Alibaba who sells the belts but the seller asked me about the amount of teeth the belt has. I counted 62 on my snapped belt. The seller however only provides 60 or 80 teeth and some other higher numbers. Would it be okay to get the 60 teeth belt? Would it fit my rack even though it's 2 teeth short. Any help is appreciated.
  6. check chemical level inside processing tanks . . . perhaps any error message you have ?
  7. i everyone i have this problem, the black color looks blue and lost the contrast, and yellow doesn't look degraded the photos look opaque, and the black/white yellow. do you know why this hapenns? what can I do? thanks
  8. Last week
  9. Do you sure the sensor is damaged ?
  10. I can't seem to find anywhere a piece we call in my country (cellules *French*)
  11. When you have printer it is recommended to have manuals. I have CD with all manuals - user, service, adjustments, troubleshooting and many other. Write private message, if need them. Sensor is on printer head.
  12. Nortisu 450l film processer it turns on then one relay kicks in and turns on pumps. Other relay does nothing. Then relay turn off. Pumps turn off. Any ideas???
  13. Can't locate the sensor. Any idea of where is it? Thank you.
  14. I send to you message private
  15. I have MS01 y MSP48 for connect dx100,if you need . Regards..
  16. Hello Can any one convert lp5500 to lp5700? I think it’s easy some parts such sensors
  17. Fala frederico você conseguiu o ms01 e o ms48? Qual programa de impressão você está usando, poderia me ajudar ?
  18. Yes, I repair lasers, AOM drivers, film carriers, scanners, power suppliers, motor drivers and many other. I'm from UK. Now have for repair six 135/240AFC-II , where are problems with electronic.
  19. You have light leaking in to the paper path. Check all doors and all cover plates on the printer. Also check your ambient light.
  20. Time to change to version 8.1 sp1 Contact us at servicios.tecnomatica@gmail.com and we will give you the best solution to update your kiosk kodak with minimal investment. Regards
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