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Noritsu QSS 3201SD unique error please help

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i am using Noritsu 3201SD machine which i bought as brand new from singapore and using in colombo - Sri Lanka since 2006.  The machine was perfect till April initially We found that all the prints made from kodak endura paper was more yellow and white couldt be printed on that paper. when we tried closing the laser opening and got a print out where the paper has white. so we came for conclusion that paper is ok and some problems in laser.  interestingly when we tried with fuji paper there is no problems at all everything is perfect with fuji paper.  so we couldt conclude 100% that our laser is faulty.  later one month we started getting magenta lines over initial prints (if we print 10 prints, first two prints will have lines others will be ok) if we continuously print without much time gap between orders there wont be any problems. we noticed that in mornings we get more often we get lines and its reduces eventually in evenings.   from this month on we facing another problem i.e when we start the machine on morning we get waves all over the prints but for first two prints wont have anything but others prints will have waves. later we use to off the machine for 1/2 hour and switch on again and there wont be any waves problems later that day. but we get magenta lines if we let machine without printing for  a while and while we print we get magenta lines for first two prints, but i was reduced much after the new waves problems started. we tried all our best to find the cause and faults but we couldt confirm it yet.

  We have changed all three AOM, and laser PCB board, re installed the software, and changed the calibration plate too.

please help me out of this problem

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