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Dear Minihelp friends, I am service technician of italian LED D'Carriers, if you would like to have new software of kitinterface, please write to me, OR ask any questions about kitinterface by mobil (+90 533 712 44 27)I will send to you.I am from istanbul.

my mail:saitterekli@hotmail.com

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you can download kitinterface 3.43.05 version from rapidshare, if you have any help please mail to me.

download link:


another link is from wwww.upload.gen.tr

direct link:



Sait Terekli, istanbul

+90 533 712 44 27

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Dear GPE led carrier users,

You may want to have various versions of the kitinterface for GPE Led Digital carrier without hesitation, i am still working on.

and ask me your troubles of kitinterface. i will help you.as best i can.

my mail is: saitterekli@hotmail.com

Sait Terekli


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Hi guys.
I know it's an old thread but I need some help.
There is a Fuji 238SF with D-CARRIER.
Software version 3.59.03 works fine on Windows XP, but does not work on Windows 10.
Some error with "Drawing surface" is thrown. Same issue has appeared on Windows 7 x64 after installing some windows updates.
Can you please advice either on this error or if there is any software update of kit interface?
I guess it's time to move on from Windows XP to some newer piece of software, as modern hardware does not support windows XP or sometimes windows 7 as well :)

Thanks in advance!

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