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Guest NW Sports Photography

Help! I Need Assistance With A Fuji Frontier 375.

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Guest NW Sports Photography

Hi, I have a Fuji Frontier 375 that wont connect. I am getting error code W-2110_FES(Printer Communication error. Check cable connections and ensure printers power switch is on). Also error code E2102(Communication error occurred between scanner and printer, command timed out). There is not scanner connected. This is a used, new to us printer. I have not been able to connect to it since I have received it, therefor I am not able to configure any software from the LPC1 Controller.   It has Software Version 7.0-OX-170 on the printer itself.  LPC1 Controller, version 5.08 and a PIC Controller, version 5.08. Both have been connected to a working Fuji Frontier 375 and it had no problems connecting.  I have checked all wires and connections.  Everything is secure, front power/standby switch is ok, 1394 wire is ok. Could this be a software configuration issue?  If so, how can I access the Menu options on the LCD Read out on the printer itself.  Could it be a hardware problem?  I can be emailed at vram@4nsp.com.  Please help!  Thank You so much!!!


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