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Need S1-Ii And S4 Scanner Service Manual

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The same manual for all Noritsu scanners - S2, S3, S4 and SI-II. Files ENSCANNERSER_1.pdf ( manual ) and ENSCANNERSEQ_1.pdf ( diagrams ) .


Hi Minilab Service! you were right long time ago with a CCD faulty card with my noritsu HS-1800... it's the J391173 or J391249. I have replaced it and after 6 months of use the new board has failed, and it does not read the green channel... Old board did have a problem in the green channel also, causing banding...


Do you know if this may be coming from another board? I mean two times a problem with the same board, and two times the green channel.


I was looking to see if the S2, S3 or S4 use the same CCD board, to see options to get one. Best, Diego.

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From S2, S3 and S4 parts list, I can only see all 3 different part nos. for their common names of "LED light source main body unit "


S2    Z024050-01 

S3    Z024051-01

S4    Z023548-01                 Not sure any of them are common parts although differences in part nos.


Good Day !

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