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Need A Qss 37 Series Parts Manual

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PleAse can enyone help me with the part list code Fuji LP 7700 

Paper advance section 

thank you !! 

And if anyone have the partlist manual , I like to buy if is possible .


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Whole unit is called "exposure advance main body unit" - Z026730-01

If you need belt then it is part number H016958-00.

Until get new belt can use old. Just cut off loose threads on this belt, because can be banding. Might be you need to replace other parts - bearings, pulley... It is typical Noritsu problem.

QSS3704 and QSS3701 have the same printer. Different only processor. I compared LP2500G2 and Fuji LP-7700 printer part lists and all parts are the same. It would be only difference between HD and not HD models, but difference mainly electronic parts. So if you have LP-7700, or QSS3704 ( not HD ) then can use LP2500G2 part list to find part numbers. For HD model printers have to use LP2500G3 part list.

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If you have banding then change belt will not be enough. Might be need replace bearings, pulley, or something else. Open LP2500G2, file Z026730-01 .easm and there can see all parts. To open this file can use Google sketchup version 8 + eDrawings for Google SketchUp version 1.

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