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Info About Ra4 Chemistry And Paper To Stop Being Produced In Europe

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Hello to every RA4 lover as I am out there. I was concerned about the producing of the silver halide and ra4 chemicals in Europe. I needed an offer for a new lab and I was between wet or dry lab. It seems that there are rumors that Fuji Film Tilburg is going to shut down the part of the factory that produces RA4 from January 2018th because the European Union requests so, and the goods will only be available from Japan and China, which will make the price very very high. People claiming these are the ones that sell DRY LABS, and I am sure about that. So, regarding my concern I decided to contact Fuji directly and this is the answer I got, and I thought about sharing my concern:


The rumor about the forbidden RA4 process for Europe is absolutely not true. 
We have no idea where this rumor comes from or who generated this rumor in the market but it is not correct. 
As Fujifilm we are still developing new CLP products to be used on for the RA4 process. 
Fujifilm want to keep the RA4 development process alive and as long as possible. 

Therefore please neglect this rumor and, with confidence, invest in a Frontier 7500. 
Fujifilm will further support you with chemicals and different kind of printing materials to be successful 
in your business. 

Hope to have informed you. 


I think this tells it all, and FUJI Netherland know about these rumors.


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There is a LOT of complete rubbish and bare faced lies being spouted by people trying to sell Dry labs. I have heard them all......some absolutely extraordinary things. This is the latest I have heard. Another one was you need a dry lab to get the most out of files off the latest digital cameras. Bearing in mind dry is half tone and wet is continuous tone, this is an outrageous statement.


Fuji continue to invest in silver halide - 3 new papers, made in Tilberg, in last 12 months.


And the fact is there is a huge uplift in consumable costs with dry - and this is why they are trying so hard to sell them.


Personally, I haven't seen a decent print off a dry lab. It's a massive case of "the Emperors New Clothes"  A salesman says look at the beautiful prints and everyone agrees. In the end, a half tone print can not compete with a continuous tone print of silver halide it's a scientific impossibility.

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