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Noritsu 3001 Putting It Together

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Hi All,


Recently our 3300 has had it (leaking everywhere, laser problems)


So we bought a cheap second hand 3001.


Got it freighted to us, but ... we are unsure of how the film scanner connects to the noritsu itself? they disconnected everything, and we have no idea how to connect it all back together (reading the qss3001_service_manual.pdf doesnt help either. it shows us all the parts but not how to connect it all together.


on our 3300, the scanner cable goes into the back of the pc board(that also has optics) but the 3001, only has 1 plug that's already taken up... does the s-1200 scuzzi cables? fit somewhere else


Can we bring over our s2 scanner to the 3001?  can we just use the s2's scuzzi PCI card then?

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It is recommended to use Installation manual of course not Service manual.

Service Manual you will use later (after installation) & it will be your Kamasutra for all future years.

Very useful book...

If you do not have Installation manual - send to me your inquire to parts@minilablaser.com to have it.

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