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Fuji Sp3000 "Connection To The Imaging Controller Failed"

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I am the owner of Negative and Print photo lab in Detroit, MI.  We bought a Fuji SP3000 through CRES Imaging in Washington that came from Dublin, Ireland.  The whole process has been somewhat of a nightmare as we bought the scanner two months ago and just received it Friday.


Anyways we unpacked everything and turned it on.  I went through the Pre Operation check and got the error "Connection to the Imaging Controller Failed.  Check the Network Connection."  I clicked OK and saw a box saying "E-1775 1st service menu not found.  Check the service menu setting file."


I've been reading a lot about needing a separate computer with a PIC running a software called C4C5 on it so the scanner can export the files to the separate computer.  The problem is I have no idea how to set this up and would be extremely grateful for any and all help.



Suraj Bhamra

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I do not have a minicab that I wish to connect it to.  I want to use the scanner as a stand alone scanner and scan my film to a flash drive.  I received the following email from the seller:


You need togo into the setup and

change the path from "image controller

" to "None" ;


Go to Setup and Maintenance

Password is 7777 go OK

Go to; 01 System Operation and Check

Scroll down to : 0104 Installation info


Down to Output Device change this to


Save these options.


To save scanned images you will have

to connect a hard drive or server

to the scanner ( Via USB at rear of PC)

and set the path to this unit


My question is when I go to "01 System Operation and Check" I see "0140 Installation Information Setup".  When I click it, I do not see any field labeled "output device".  Does he mean set printer to off?  If so I already did this.  

How do I change the path from image controller to none?  How do I set the path to the USB drive I put in the back of the computer?


I tried emailing the seller back but he did not respond and I'm not sure if he will.

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