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So happy with this forum D700 workflow problem solved

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After onother day figguring out how to manage my new surelab D700 orders. I just want to let you know that i am so happy with this forum. I found minilablaser.com who helped me out when our Frontier PC crashed and now I am working with Insituafx also found here, they are setting up a full automated workflow for our D700. Far better than the Epson controler software. If any of you guys looking for updating your workflow. I recomend contacting this company.

And this all thanks to this forum. 



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Thank you for that.

It would be great if  minilablaser.com  that gets a lot of business from this web site considered helping and supporting Mini Lab Help.com with some sponsorship to help us keep this website open and free for all. 


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Hello Neil,

Do you really think I get lots of business from your website??
You are a bit wrong.:)

99 % of inquires here to my address are to SHARE with software or give advise.
90% of person who writes me even do not say "HELLO"
Just write
" I NEED ........ SEND IT TO MY EMAIL......"
"  My lab has error ...... What to do?" (!)
As if I am their service engineer in their staff on salary.

I do my best and I respond trying to help if I know the solution but I am weak in many fields.
A lot of members of this forum has more experience.

I have already paid to your company 1000 pounds if you remember.
I wish I could have same money of profit from MY website but no one wants to pay for plenty information given there.
All like freeby.

I have ZERO US$ or Euro of donations till now although have more than 9000 visitors per month and lots of downloads from my website.
All like to take.
No one likes to give.

So let me be just a regular member of your forum.
If I decide to make advertising I will contact you of course. 

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