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Minilabs - Part out, scrap or sell?

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I "inherited" a Konica R1 Super 1000 and two Sienna Photoprint 5000's.

I'm not a minilab operator, I'm a reseller. I'm not trolling for purchases here but looking for advice.

These printers haven't been used in 7-8 years and weren't cleaned out before being stored. There's a lot of dry chemical in tubes, rollers etc. One Sienna works and the other one doesn't. The Konica is functional but it needs a new PC. At least that's what the former owners told me.

I do resell electronics. I've been hunting around and the info on these printers seems scant. I'm wondering a few things; Are printers or parts for printers like these, being as old as they are, in any real demand? I actually tried to give them away to several local printing houses and I had no takers. I noticed almost nobody is selling parts for these minilabs. At this point I'm wondering if it would be best for me to invest the time in researching and parting out these minilabs, putting them up for scrap or trying to sell as whole units. Also, are there any sites besides this one where used labs and parts are sold?

I apologize in advance if this not the appropriate forum for questions like these. I'm just trying to do some research and I'm not able to come up with much. Any help is more than appreciated

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