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Hello again...

thank you very much for quick and precise replay at my previous post !

Now I want to ask a different and sensitive kind of problem !

As we all know, Kodak closed production plant for chemicals in UK and moved the production to Tetenal...

I'm talking with a few Noritsu owner that tell me the quality of RA4 chemicals is...can't find the word...not as good as the previous RA4 made in UK !

Because I have no experience with RA4, I want to ask here if anyone knew wich is better: FUJI Hunt, Kodak or Fuji CP 48 or 49 !

Another problem...can Noritsu QSS 3411 RA4  be modified to use Fuji CP48 or CP 49HVII ?

At the moment for me is difficult to order Fuji chemicals other than CP 48 or CP 49...or Kodak RA4 !

Thank you in advance and wait for your kind advices !

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Hello. CP-48 and CP-49 are cartridge chemicals. Noritsu QSS3411 doesn't support Fuji replenishment systems ( replenishment from cartridges ) . QSS3411 can have normal ( RA ) replenishment system and SM ( replenishment using Kodak replenishment packets ) . 

Only some QSS32 , QSS35, QSS37 and QSS38 models have replenishment from cartridges. They have F letter at the end and have replenishment system from Fuji cartridge ( CP-49 process ) . Cartridges can be made by Fuji and many other companies.

You have minilab with normal specification. There are many RA chemistry makers. If you like Fuji can use CP-47. It is process similar with CP-48 - just replenishment not from cartridge.

It is not true, that difficult to get RA chemistry. All companies make chemicals for this process. They can have different name, but can be used on RA minilabs. Chemicals makers are Kodak, Fuji, Tetenal, Cpac, Agfaphoto, Russel, Champion, Axel, Lucky. Photo Chemi and etc. 

Replenishment rates and temperatures depends on exact chemicals. These rates can find on datasheet for chemicals. Rates have enter on minilab processor settings menu.

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Thank you very much for your kind and extensive details !

My concerns is about the quality of the chemicals that is made today !

One of my partners use Kodak and he tell me that in the last year the quality of the chemicals is different from that used 2 years ago !

...and we know Kodak is made by Tetenal and the starters is Made in China !!!

Anyway, most probably I will try Fuji CP-47...I will keep in touch !

Thank you again and kind regards ! You do a GREAT job here !!!

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