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how do i download ez controller?

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Hello. Ez controller has not trial version. If you want to see how it works can go to any Noritsu minilab, dry printer or stand alone scanner. Working interface will be the same, or very similar ( on older models ) . Also can see EZ controller manuals.

EZ controller is very comfortable, professional printing software. Can be installed on any Windows ( even W10 x64 ) . To run software need dongle. If have not it - software should be activated online. To one EZ controller can connect 8 printers and few scanners. Can be connected Noritsu minilabs (  QSS3101-1 and latter ) , all Noritsu dry printers, Noritsu USB scanners, Fuji minilabs ( LP-7xxx models ) , some Fuji dry printers, some Epson printers, few DNP printers. EZ controller has many additional modules ( correction, frames, document print, digital masking and etc ) .

Have the latest EZ controller. Can help to install and activate online. Have all optional modules, system software for printers and scanners, profile data and all other. If interested - write private message.

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