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white parts of paper turns out yellow FUJI 375

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I have a well used Fuji Frontier 375 that is making the white un-imaged (blank) parts of the photo paper turn out with a yellow tint / cast.


P1, P2, PS drained, cleaned and replaced, Filters replaced.


Once chem was replace it was printing white as white again = all good, but over 12 hours of use the yellow tint returned and also black on daily condition test print have now a blue shade.


Machine uses Tetnal CP48 replenishers


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At a guess I would say the P1 tank is being contaminated with P2 solution.

Check the overflow pipe in the P2 tank is not blocked and causing it to overflow back into the P1 tank.

Either that or some pipes have got crossed over in the replenisher system causing P2 replenisher to go into the P1 tank.

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