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EZ Controller Help

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Hello All,

Need help with EZ Controller software.  The system is due for delivery in two week or so.

As yet I don't know the version number but it has a Dongle 

However, there are a few questions that the current owner could not answer.

1. With EZ software could I send corrected images to a SD card or memory stick?

2. Is it possible to have a 'Hot Folder' in which the printer will start to printing automatically?

3. In stead of writing to the CD could I configure to write to external disk drive?

4. Is it possible once I have the system installed an engineer to login?

5. Most IMPORTANT does anyone have a EZ software Manual??

Just a few question for now - sure there will be lots in the future.

Thank You for you help.

New Kid 


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1.Do not understand why to correct files using EZ controller. If really want - can do it. Just choose export to media mode ( on main window can choose print, index print, media export, or few of these options ) , 

2.Hot folder is optional software.

3.You can write where you want. Choose destination on print channel ( HD, CD, DVD, USB, SD...) .

4.Do not understand question. If you asking about engineer password then it is 2260

5. Have all EZ controller manuals. Also have the latest EZ controller and all optional modules ( there are many of them ) . EZ controller can work on any Windows ( even W10 x64 PRO ) . EZ controller can work with dongle, or online can be activated and work without it.



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