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E-2521 G laser (G-SHG) current exceeded

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I work with minilab Fuji Frontier 355.

When I turned it on, it displays the following error: E-2521 “G laser (G-SHG) current exceeded. Consult your technical representative”.

The technician has only one answer "Laser broken, change the laser”.

But it costs a lot  to replace the laser.

Looking in the forum I found a similar problem “E-2522 Excessive B (B-SHG) laser current detected”.

I logged in using the "secret" password (miya).

I found this datas:

-PD current setting 0,00 to 200.00 “63.19” µA-

-Temp. adjust setting 13.00 to 37.00 “22.70” C°-

I reduced "63.19" to “56.32”.

After that the printer worked all day.

But the day after it displays again signal E-2521 and this appears each new restart.

Reducing the value by a few points the printer starts again, but in this way I will soon set the value zero.

I know the laser is probably dying, but it is really too expensive to replace it, considering the age of the printer (14 years old).

I'm thinking of switching to a dry printer system, but it would be useful for me to work some more time with the Frontier 355.


I also wonder: if you just need to change a small value to let the printer work, is the laser really broken, or some sensor has gone crazy?


Can someone help me by suggesting a cheap solution?

Thanks in advance.

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I can repeat the expressions of your engineer:
"The laser is broken. Replace it."
All your tricks with changing of the values will definitely kill the AOM driver.
And then you will ask here: "how to make a dead AOM driver working again?  It is very expensive to repair it".
Sometimes you have to pay if you want to earn.

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I am just afraid to imagine what you will write when you see: "Printer head to be replaced"...
It costs around 4500 EURO and you can meet with this message in a very short time. 

Repair of laser costs 1000 EURO.
Self-cost of each print is higher if to compare with prints made by wet labs... 

So I would think twice before purchasing any dry lab in your financial situation.

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You can send your module to me and we will replace the whole internal content from old design to the last diode design.
We have been doing it for the whole world for 11 years already.
Please read more about us:

Or we can send OUR module to you and you will replace it.
Then you will return your old one to our exchange fund.
2 years guarantee.

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