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Foto Henni

Cant Start my 340

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Hi Everybody ! Have a nice Day !!

Sorry for my bad English...

I have a Problem with my Frontier 340

Yesterday i have shut down my 340 but today on morning i cant start my 340...

It just does not happen. I have take it from the energie and when i press the green button, nothings happend...

I think it's a broken Battery on the Mainboard or a broken Fuse.


can anyone help me please...



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Hello. No problem, your English good enough. We understand what you want and that is the most important.

On 340 startup makes processor control pcb. Yes, battery is there.

First check all breakers and a.c. circuit on minilab. Maybe something is disconnected. Then try to make minilab force start. Remove small cover ( minilab bottom, front side - where usually stands minilab operator ) . There you will find board with SSR on it. On the board (at the top in the corner) you will see jumper with two contacts. Remove it and connect to other position ( where written ON ) . Then try to run minilab again.

If after that minilab will start then need replace battery on processor pcb. If will not start - can be some problem with power connection, power suppliers, control circuits and etc.

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