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fuji 238 start up problem

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Had similar trouble some 8 years ago and now it over my brain. But still remember it has something to do CTL board where you will need to to change some jumper settings and restart the machine, so for it to reload the program.

Sorry I can not remember well but hope you will find the solution.

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If you have problem with CTL00 first have to check battery and power supply voltage. Turn off minilab and with multimeter check voltage on CTL00 battery. It is 3.6V battery, so when minilab power is off you should have similar voltage there. If when minilab power is off you have low voltage on battery then you need replace it. Can use some similar replacement ( 3.6V, 3.7V ) with the same, or bigger capacity ( mAh) .

If battery is OK turn on minilab and look voltage between  TP5 and TP6 . There should be 5.1 - 5.4 V . If voltage is too low have adjust it using VR2 on power supply. 

SW2 is to load software and backup. Set SW2 to ON, put floppy with software and turn on minilab power. Software should be loaded. Then load backup. After that set SW2 to OFF, turn off minilab, remove floppy, turn on minilab and all should work.

If something doesn't work check floppy disk reader and floppy disks ( with software and backup ) . Might be some of them doesn't work. If all work, but can't load software then probably CTL00 is faulty. Have use 100 % working board. Board can be tested on Fuji SFA-238 ( PP728V, PP728A, PP728W ) .

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