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laser status fuji 570

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Hi.  Based on the fact you have the l1 installed it means you are using ms01 software which on my point of view has less quality than the Fe s2. 

To check the laser history. From the menu screen click on setup and maintenance then type password 7777 next open printer maintenance adjustment next scroll down to laser history then click to open then you can check  to know if the values are stable or fluctuating if the second case the laser might be old and must be change soon. 

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Why did you declare it?
Do you have any official data of comparison MS and FE or you impressed your opinion?
MS01 is newer than FE software, it has more features and more convenient.
And MS and FE have NO attitude to the quality of prints. 
It is just a tool to control the orders and make color adjustments and all depends on the settings of the lab, quality of chemistry and level of skills of the operator.

As for FF570 purchase.
Better to check ALL lasers.
Not only red is defective there.
yes, it is quite more often to be defective but we also often repair blue lasers also.
So better, make the printscreens of the following menu and place here for consideration:

0542 B laser data
0543 G laser data
0544 R laser data
0545 Laser exposure check
and error log record

0549 Laser history graph with the next page.
(table with the last data!!!!)
After that, all will be clear.

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