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setup MS01 print direct with 370 (without SP2000)

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First do not post on profile. All messages left there will be deleted and do not expect to get an answer. If want to ask something personally - write private message.

To connect 370 without scanner instead scanner connect FMPC. There install the same MS01 ( choose "printer" option ) . Then you can print without scanner. 

Do you have MS01 software? I have this software and all manuals. Write private message, if need it. Also can step by step explain how to built FMPC, install software ( on W7 x86 ) and make all adjustments.

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Yes, can print. Just instead scanner have connect computer with Frontier workflow management software. Ask your engineer, or software provider and they explain how to do all. When software purchased from me I always explain all step by step and free of charge. They should do the same.

Yes, Epson SL-D700 can connect to MS01. Just need install additional software. After that you need use ink for Fuji DX-100 ( Frontier-S ) .

If you need can explain how to built this computer, how install all and make settings there. Of course can't offer do it free of charge.

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