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FRONTIER with 8 dots on the display screen

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My Frontier 5700 won't start. Had been replaced LDD23, CTL23 but still the same problem. I also Tried the image control box to another printer but the image control box is working well to the other machine. Anybody can help? Please.

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If the LCD screen connection quality is good and the problem still there - it requires more detailed approach.
I recommend purchasing of membership plan to have a free consulting service.
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One-month access to all website content cost 17 EURO for one-month (you will be able to read and see special prices) and if you need a consulting service it costs only 52 EURO for 1 year .
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Faulty LCD can't cause this error. You see text, so LCD works.

Try replace GPR23. When this board doesn't work you see  FRONTIER and 8 dots.

This error can cause LDD23, CTL23, but you already replaced them.

Also have check GMC23, GPR23, ATX23, GMD23. If have other minilab can swap the whole GMB box.

FRONTIER with 8 dots is typical fault. On this forum can find many posts about this problem. Search text "LDD23" on Fuji forum and you will find them. 


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I did not write that LCD screen a cause of the issue. I meant a connection of the cable coming to that screen.
The most probable cause of it is the whole module with LCD screen.
It has its own brains and voltage regulator.
Please remove it and check for +5V presence.
It is a culprit of the issue in most cases... 

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