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paper gamma setup casting yellow

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Do you have LP7900? If yes - first make sure, that paper and chemicals are well. Precut paper should be white. Can compare processed paper with some other photo paper, or other paper side ( where is back printing ) .

Not correct gamma also can be, if selected wrong paper profile. Fuji profiles are very old and no new papers there. Only Noritsu profiles are updated and have all new papers in the list.

Also can be, that calibration plate is old. If it is plastic - it could change color during time and need change it. Can use new ceramic calibration plate from Noritsu. It does change color and can be used without time limit.

If all are well and you just see yellow on white area then it is just well known printer software bug. This yellow on white was solved only on Noritsu software - version 12 and latter. There added white balance adjustment ( automatic and even manual ) . The latest Fuji system software - version 4, but many still use version 2.1, or 3. I have version 4.

Check all what I said. Your Fuji LP7900 can run using new modern Noritsu software ( EZ controller 6.80 + system software version 19 + profiles 4.80 + optional modules ) . All that can be installed on any Windows ( even W10 x64 PRO ) . I have all software and know how to transfer from Fuji. All can be done online. Write private message, if want upgrade.


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