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3501 plus wont start

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Dear comunity!

After summer brake we want to start our 3501 plus and it´s wont start.
The EZcontroller starts but could not find the processor section.

The LAN is ok, with th QSS utility I can see the processor, see the status, temperatures, can start pumps with output check and so,
but the sorter lamp is blinking red, the processor status is IDLE, the heaters not heating the solutinos.

No error messages :(


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Run "QSS Printer" software and enter into service mode. Then look what you see on software version check menu ( processor ) . Might be processor board lost software. Processor board software can be restored from software upgrade menu ( select processor and upgrade it ) . If software upgrade doesn't help try to load processor backup. Only when minilab works from "QSS Printer" you can search problems on EZ controller.

The latest QSS Printer is version 19 and EZ controller 6.80. No any QSS Printer updates for QSS35 since version 12 - just latter version can work on latter version. You have version 13 and it is for W7, version 14 and 15 - W7 Sp1, version 16 and 17 - W8, version 18 and 19 - W10. I have all QSS Printer and EZ controller versions.

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