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Lab James

Laser monitoring issue? - Help!

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We have a very hard to find issue with our dlab 2 select plus (SSL unit).

The initial error was 'PR: Output for BL cannot be stabilized'.

We were advised it could be the driver boxes, so changed both of those for ones known to be good, no change.

Also changed the AOMs, no change.

Now we have also changed - the large silver main power supply (the one down below the print engine, but not the pcb on the front of it), the smaller laser power supply to the left of that, and the main dlab mother board.

Now, really confusingly the issue has switched to the GN, not blue anymore at all, and we now also have the error above, and 'PR: Operating parameter for GN out of tolerance', as well as the above error, but GN. No other errors though at all I must add.

So somehow with all the changes made the issue has move over to Green. But we are not sure which change exactly made it go.

We've inspected the lasers inside the print engine, and light output visually looks very strong, and the green one was replaced only 6 months ago.

The only pcb part not changed is the board that piggy backs on the large power supply, as we don't have one. Could this be at fault? Is it involved in monitoring the laser output and therefore give this error, and change it's mind if the signals put to it move around? Which of course they have with the component swapping we've done....

Any help much appreciated, and any suggestions for technicians in the UK who can help also welcome, as my two regular guys like me are a bit stuck.

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