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Fujifilm ASK-300

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Hi all, 

Problem with my ASK-300 after changing a new set of paper and ink ribbon, the photo turn abit red (reddish colour).

I try replacing another new set of ink ribbon and paper but the colour still remain reddish.

Is there any update to do? or is there any way that can change the colour setting of the printer?


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I guess it would work, but I haven't updated the system in a long time, so suddenly I got a pretty big amount of updates. I do not know which of them caused this. I tried to uninstall the printer and updated all the steps, I also installed a profile from the fuji site. And again, a little red predominates. I can fix it in the settings on the printer itself but again that's not it. There is no recognizable color of the human face that I normally like with fuji.

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