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Are Frontier 330 paper sensors compatible with Frontier 370?

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Greetings everyone. Got the W-2411 Paper in Printer  warning since last night. Blew some air to D560, D561, D562, and later D571, D572 and D573. Unfortunately i was not available at the shop last night and they restarted the printer and the FMPC before event trying to access the Mantainance menu and do the I/O check.

I read on some of the topics that many had trouble with D573. We have a Frontier 330 we no  longer use. Can it be posible that the sensors from the Frontier 300 fit the Frontier 370? We want to try that before ordering the D573 sensor. Getting worried that we may no longer find it but we gotta try!



I noticed that the rollers that are just before the P1 rack show oxide and some dry developer. No wonder the D573 could be damaged.

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Sensors on 330 and 370 are different mechanically. Sensor pcbs have different dimension, mounting position and connectors. Electrically they are the same ( the same pinuot and voltage ) . Which part do you need to change - emitter ( two pins ) , or receptor ( three pins ) ?

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