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CrossOver qss37( frontier 7700)

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Noritsu QSS-3704F ( Fuji LP-7700 )
No.1 TURN RACK UNIT - rollers A059880-00 , A074278-00 , A087420-00 and A074278-00
No.2 TURN RACK UNIT - rollers A098518-00 , B027213-00 , A098518-00 and B027214-00 
No.3 TURN RACK UNIT - rollers A050679-00 , A074137-00 , A050679-00 and A074137-00
No.4 - No.6 TURN RACK UNITS - rollers C007827-00 , A074137-00 , C007827-00 and A074137-00


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A074278-00 is Hard roller with 3 shallow grooves

A098518-00 had been replaced by new part no. roller AA02115-01

A050679-00 is a rubber roller

A074137-00 is a hard roller

C007827-00 is uneven rubber roller with many shallow grooves ( looks like what the rollers in above photo . . . )


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