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Film sleever and film retriever

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Can someone explain the differences between the models to me? 

Noritsu ENV-5 (different models? C-t and T and so on?)

Noritsu ENV-6 

Also looking for a cheap, functional automatic film retriever, like Noritsu SB-3U or AB-3? Any alternatives because they are very hard to find.


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ENV-M6 is just an evolution of the ENV-M5.

It has a better illuminated area to see the frames, and uses a better motor system for feeding the negatives in.

Both models do the same job!

Forget the AB-3 as you cannot get the tongues for them anymore. The only alternatives that I know of were the Bero magic puller that used thick sticky tape to remove the film.

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It's very simple, the cutter blade should be in the down position, you then put the mouth of the film canister into the green clip, rotate the big knob to push the tape into the film canister until you see the centre spool of the film canister rotate, then when you remove the film canister from the green clip, the end of the film should be attached to the sticky tape.

Then rewind the tape back until it's flush with the cutter blade.

Repeat for the next film.

When the tape has lost it's tackiness, use the cutter to cut the tape back to use a new fresh sticky portion of tape.

Bero with tape loaded.jpg


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