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QSS-3801G banding/stripes problem

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We keep getting random banding even the local Noritsu support can't help us with, claiming they've never seen the issue - trying my luck here in case someone encountered the same. The stripes happen in mid-range colors (grays, skies, light skin, etc.) come in ALL directions and thickness, even photos printed back to back will have different striping. Occasionally the striping will be even curved (see scans). Sometimes the test will come out striped and the rest of the photos will come out fine, sometimes three out of four photos will be affected and we have to print till it eventually comes out right, but it's incredibly random to get rid of so we keep bleeding paper at alarming rates. Happens on all papers; incredibly often on 305mm, and very rarely on the 102.

We tried just about anything, dumped the chemistry, cleaned tanks + racks, keep the laser dust-free, or had the electricity checked for instability.

Hope someone can help!






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Blue on the print is made by exposing Green and Red

Red on the print is made by exposing Green and Blue

See the common link here? The Green Laser!

You would be better off printing a Yellow, Magenta and Cyan gradient as this will show the exposure per individual Laser head.

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