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Fuji LP1000P unexpectedly shut down

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Hi guys!

I have Fuji LP 1000P last 3 years, end work fine (with some bugs :) which I was able to solve)

And last weak in half day machine was unexpectedly shut down. And I can’t power on.

I have other LP1000P from parts, and I change DME Circuit board, PAC02 Circuit Board, CTP01 Circuit Board but nothing

                                                      And I change I Power  Supply ( In front side bottom AOM) - nothing happening

  And I change the main switch, checked the 220V phases and interphases, checked Transformer power 100V all Ok

On PAC02 CB some wire have 220V, some wire have 100V

On Circuit board bright LED diode (green, yellow, red)

I have no wiring diagram, only  Service manual.

Did you have any idea what could be the problem??

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Does start scanner ( SP-1000 ) ? Does computer is on and software loaded? If yes - do you see any errors?
When minilab printer ( LP-1000P ) doesn't start can be missing 230 V,  breaker if in OFF position, the circuit protector at the processor distribution section is operating, defective PAC02, bad standby switch. If the power does not turn ON from the scanner then can be DME circuit board is defective, bad connection to the PAC02, bad cable connection from the scanner.

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Scaner start normal and software load, but I cant see any errors, because can't power on LP1000P. Software sent massage  "put Printer Online" but I cant 

On PAC02 board same connectors have 220V, same connectors have 100V, and lighting LED green on CTP01 (down right black square  )

I replace standbay switch, replace DME circuit board...


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