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Additional Noritsu printer to existing EZ Controller

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I have a new Green III printer with EZ controller hooked up to it. I just purchased a D1005 used printer that I’d like to hook up to the existing EZ controller.

How do I install this second printer to my existing EZ controller?

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If on RIP computer all installed then connect it to the same network, where connected EZ controller computer. Then on EZ controller computer just install D1005 system software and register printer there. After that add printer to Ezcontroller. This way can add 8 printers.
If RIP computer not installed then on this computer need install D1005 system software and Epson print module ( version for D1005 ) .
The latest D1005 system software is version 7. If your printer is D1005HR additionally need to install high resolution print software.

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