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Big Dave

ArcNet firmware memory and ???

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Hello all,

When you perform a system upgrade from floppy(or HED’s) it updates the ArcNet card, but is there any other component in the machine that also gets an ArcNet update ?

And does anyone have a spare 2901 compatible ArcNet card ??    We might be needing one !!  Message me please 


Thanks  !


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Many boards can be upgraded, but all they are connected through PCI-ARCNET conversion pcb. After software upgrade ( or re-instillation ) boards upgraded automatically. To disable it need change register entry ( from 1 to 0 ) . Boards can be upgraded separately ( from HD on service mode ) .
To PCI-ARCNET conversion pcb directly connected image processing pcb, afc/scanner control pcb and printer control pcb.
Printer control pcb has 5 port ARCNET hub. To this hub comes signals from PCI-ARCNET conversion pcb and connected processor control pcb and optional external boards ( if have them - for example price unit ) .
Image processing section boards ( image correction pcb, digital ice pcb ...) upgraded through image processing pcb.
I have few PCI-ARCNET conversion boards for QSS29. Write private message, if you need it.

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